September 15, 2006

Listing post

Today felt like a good day to do this.

If you happen to...

Watch a movie, I enjoyed The Libertine, The Matador, and Lucky Number Slevin. Why? Johnny Depp is delicious. Pierce Bronson is hilarious. Lucy Lui is adorable.

Play a game, I suggest Enchanted Arms or Star Wars Lego 2. Arms has beautiful CGI, normal Japanese save the world story, but the grid battle system makes for an interesting strategic turn based RPG. The Star Wars games is so cute it's not even funny.

Read a book, I just finished Lover Awakened and rather liked it. It's a dark story of redemption, romance and vampires. I read a second vampire-romance this week, but it wasn't very good so I won't bother recommending it.

Listen to a CD, I'd go for 30 Seconds to Mars. Yes, that is the dude from My So Called Life and Fight Club singing. The video for The Kill is awesome!

Be in England and want to go to a Fantasy Convention check that out. The editors from Writers of Worlds--my publisher--will be there hanging out.

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