November 30, 2006


I haven’t had much to say recently, mostly because I’ve been a bit down. It doesn’t really matter why, no one needs to hear about my problems…that’s not why I keep a blog. I have a diary for that.

Xmas is right around the corner and I have one gift purchased. One. Bleh. I’d be done already if I had the money. That’ll change soon, so I’m not worried. I just feel bad for the UPS man when he has to come to my house every day from now until xmas deliver packages. LOL.

A friend of mine is coming down this weekend, I might take him to a movie. That could be fun. I still want to see Stranger than Fiction, Borat, Déjà vu and The Pick of Destiny. I think that’s about all I’d watch right now. I’ll check out Eragon when it comes out, then maybe I’ll read the book.

There are a few winter movies I’m waiting for, but nothing OMGish until next year’s Harry Potter. Yeah, I’m a potterhead. Not sure what I’ll do first, read the new book or watch the movie…hmm, that should be an interesting day.

Roomie and I had a long discussion on the fate of Harry. It’s quite amusing going back and forth with someone about how a fictional character’s story should end. Honestly though, I hope JK comes up with something that neither of us thought of, though, that would be tough, we kinda covered everything.

That leads to another topic of sorts: my own characters. I can sit and watch a movie or TV show and basically say the lines before the characters do. Nine times out of ten it’s a traditional response, sometimes cliché, and usually nothing extraordinary. I’d like to think my characters aren’t like that. I know Tiva’s unlike any normal human I’ve written about, but she’s a special case. I learned her personality by role-playing with her. My other characters have mostly been bits and pieces of other people thrown together. While some might say it’s a risky thing to do, I happen to have odd and eclectic friends. It makes for an interesting mix of life like characters.

Of course, the character I’m working with right now is being a pain in the ass. I know the type of person I want her to be, but she keeps messing with me and doing whatever the heck she wants—mainly sleeping with some guy. Love and sex is part of any life story whether you have it or not, it’s there. I think if there is a balance of real life issues, you have a better chance of giving the reader someone they can relate to, no matter what the setting or time period. With this current chic…she’s turning my thriller into a romantic thriller and I really don’t want to do that. I’d like to keep the love interest side story, but for some reason, every time they get together I head toward writing a hot sex scene with the professing of feelings afterwards. Not that it would be bad, but I DON’T WANT TO WRITE ROMANCE.

Maybe I should just give up and really try writing a good romance novel. I know, I know, I can put a plethora of sub-genres along with the romance…but I want to write books both men and women will read. How many guys out there browse the romance section? Yeah, exactly.

Ah well, we’ll see what happens with Tiva. I’m certain guys will at least pick it up because it’s sci-fi…and if the cover is banging, all the more reason they’ll take a look.

I have too many ideas, not enough time, and no idea what genre to stick with…bleh.
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