December 11, 2006

Snow for Xmas?

Just a little dusting will do it for me, I know how much normal people hate the snow.

Every year I make an excel spread sheet to keep track of what I buy and how much I spend. Last year I spent $750 dollars on about 26 people. This year, so far, I'm at $550 for 16 people. Inflation is a bitch isn't it?

I have to write an essay to get into this online English Bachelor's program. I have the rough draft done, but do you realize it's been oh...I dunno...fifteen years since I wrote a college essay? Bleh. Ah well, I'm either meant to get in or I'm not. Guess I'll find out in March.

In other news, I saw Tenacious was HILARIOUS. But I think it's a certain kind of humor and most people probably won't like it. I watched Pirates2 again, still love the way Jack Sparrow runs. I also outlined seven books with this new character I'm working with. All I have to do now is get back to writing. I just can't seem to find my motivation.

The new job is going well, had a good chat with the boss man today.

I'm planning on going to the movies once or twice this week since there's nothing new on television.

Since I know I won't get what I really want for xmas this year, I might not do my annual letter to Santa. Instead, I think I'll write a letter to 2006. I started thinking that it would be all negative, but as I recounted what happened month by month, it didn't turn out so bad.
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