December 14, 2006

Because I do care...

I got a check from my insurance company earlier this week and decided to donate half of it. So this is where some of my money went: -Mostly for those people rebuilding in New Orleans. -Because I have military in my family and want to help those serving now anyway I can. -This one, I actually do feel strongly about--desipte the (hot) man dedicating his time to get attention. I won't go into my exact stand on this, but I think it's horrific that our government along with others are not doing ANYTHING about this situation. We can't keep ignoring Africa and hope it'll go away or fix itself. It won't without help. Every other country that has a firm hold of their society now has had help from another party at one time during its history... -Last year I donated to the Red Cross, so they get some money this year.

Peace on Earth.
Good will toward all.
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