December 28, 2006

The year of Jack!

This year, for me, entertainment wise, it's all been about Jack.

Which Jack? I shall tell you.

Jack Reacher (Lee Child Novels) -I started reading the Reacher books this year and totally fell in love. Reacher is a loner, something I often feel like myself. He wanders the US, learning about a country he's tied to by his parent’s citizenship. A former MP in the Army, he was downsized during the 90's and basically had no where to go. So, he drifts. From town to town, helping out people in need or getting tangled up in something he shouldn't be involved in.

Jack Bauer (24) -I really shouldn't have to say much about him, but I will, because he's THE Jack. Tormented family man-special agent ass kicker. Yeah, that's Jack. Once again, he saved America this time from a shitty ass president. Too bad he's just on television.

Jack Bristow (Alias) -Another tormented family man. He gave the big screw to Sloan at the end of Alias this year. His story is so sad and touching that it makes me want to invite him over for tea and talk to him all night.

Jack Sparrow(Pirates) -Anyone who doesn't laugh when Jack Sparrow is running away from the bad guys doesn't appreciate good humor. I laughed my ass off every time! Sparrow is funny, self-motivated, sometimes conceited and self-centered, but then again who isn't on occasion. In the end, he does the right thing...sort of.

Jack Shepard (Lost) -This doctor really found his balls this year. Not only does he have Evil Ben under the scalpel, he's trying to save Kate and Sawyer so they can sleep together again! LOL Wow, all these Jack's are tortured in some aspect of their life....maybe it's the name.

Jack Black-Okay, so he's the only real Jack on the list, but he makes it. He made me believe that he could act in King Kong and had me peeing in my pants with Tenacious D--the funniest movie I've seen in a very long time.

Other minor Jack's this year: Jack Twist from Brokeback. (I watched the movie early this year) Jack the Monkey from Pirates. Jack Skellington (had a reprieve in IMAX or 3D or something) Jack "Just Jack" McFarland. And of course Jackass...which is waiting for me in the living room to watch.

So, that's the year in Jack. If I can take the fictional Jack's and roll them up into one man...*swoon* I'd never leave the bedroom.
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