January 3, 2007


Anderson Cooper and I had a lovely New Years Eve. It was nice of Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest to stop by.

When Roomie got home from work, we watched Miami Vice. It was a decent movie. I was never a fan of the series, but I did love how Colin "Hottie McHottie" Farrell donned (pun intended) the Jacket/T-shirt combo.

Woke up sick yesterday, so I stayed home from work and watched movies all day.

Fearless-Jet Li's last martial arts film. Which sucks, because he kicks ass. The fact that he actually acted in this movie, and was good, surprised me. He's a much better actor when he doesn't have to think about translating to English.

The Promise-This was like....weird. But it a good way. It was sorta like House of Flying Daggers meets *Insert Random Disney Fairy Tale here*.

Alex Rider: Stormbreaker-I loved this movie. It didn't do well in the US only $676K. It did decently in the UK, but I doubt they will get the chance for a franchise film unless DVD sales are good. I'll be buying it next time I'm at Best Buys. It was a very cute Bondesque movie for kids. It was MUCH better than both Cody Banks movies. The cast was brilliant and they really did a great job of jabbing at the Bond movies and Q and the gadgets and stuff.

Scoop-I had a dream about Hugh Jackman the night prior, so I had to watch this movie. I'm glad I did. Aside from the annoyance that is Woody Allen, the movie was funny and smart with a great cast and story.

The Cowboy Way-Okay, this one was on cable...but it's Kiefer! I had only seen parts of it before, so I watched the whole thing. It was all right. Woody and Kiefer had some funny chemistry going, but the story was a bit lame and it was rather predictable.

I'll probably go see another movie in the theater soon. Gotta get one more in during the week before all the TV shows come back!

I ordered a shit load of books from BN. I recently read The Spiderwick Chronicles: Book One. Holly Black has a LJ if you want to look her up. I enjoyed the book. It's for young kids, so it took all but forty minutes to read, but it was fun and interesting. I'll probably check the other books out later this year.

I haven't made any resolutions, yet. But I have started back at the gym already. Whee!

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