January 30, 2007

Restless girl

I'm waiting for dinner to finish baking. I have cramps. I'm restless and I don't know why. Okay, that's enough complaining.

24 and Heroes are both getting good! Tom Lennox needs to get the Jack Bag, and I have a feeling Claire's dad is Linderman. Roomie thinks it might be Nathan.

American Idol is only on for an hour tonight and the only other show I usually watch is a repeat. Maybe I'll write tonight.

I made a book cover for the novel I'm working on. I was bored on Sunday and had nothing else to do. It came out pretty good, but I doubt it will ever be used.

I'm writing as much as I can, when I have time. However, I'm getting to another part where I'm just not sure what to do...yet. I know it'll come to me, I just have to be patient. Which I'm not, usually.

My publisher sent over the final edit for Tiva part 1. So I'll be looking it over this weekend for any minor flaws or mistakes. Fun!

Something weird happened to my AOL account. Part of my buddy list vanished, and the little IM backgrounds I put up are gone. It's only on the master SN, so I have no idea what happened. I don't know who I'm missing now, but if you see me online pop me an instant message so I can add you back.

Do you wave to strangers? I think everyone should wave to a stranger tomorrow and see what happens. UPS, FED EX, USPS, Bus Drivers, EMS Drivers, they all wave to each other when they pass. They don't know each other, but they have a common bond. So next time you see someone driving the same car as you, wave. LOL

*Disclaimer* Not responsible for bodily damage cause due to waving.

I'm still restless, and I don't know why.
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