January 12, 2008

Writers "Groups", Agent Update, and Networking!

Okay, what’s up with these “groups”?

Fill in the blank:

­­­_______ Writers of America

Science Fiction and Fantasy




Not to mention: Pro Football and Fantasy Sports Writers of America

Then you have:

­________ Writers Association


Gardening (!!)

And International Thriller Writers

Of course there are a bunch of other “societies” and a never ending list of local chapters. Whee!

Where does one start? I know certain groups you can join without being published. Others, you need books on the shelf to even be considered. My problem? Which one to join when I actually do have books out there?

Do I start out with Sci-Fi because that’s what Tiva is? Should I join the group I think I’ll be writing the most in?

So far I’ve written: Chick Lit, Romantic Suspense, Mystery, Young Adult, Science Fiction, and Thriller. I’ll probably never get into Westerns but I may try Horror one day in the future. The dilemma then becomes which group is best for me, if any?

I don’t want to stick to one genre. That’s what makes writing so wonderful. Today, I can write a Sci-fi romantic mystery and tomorrow I might want to do an Urban Horror fantasy. What happens when I want to write a woman’s literary novel, Fairy tale Adventure or a comical kid’s action book?

I haven’t found a general Fiction writers association, it’s all sub genres!!


The one that seems to make the most sense is The Romance Writers. Even though there is always that love story or intimate relationship aspect to my writing, I don’t write straight romance. The main plot is never about two people hooking up; the love story is always second and sometimes third. But it is so LARGE and stocked with people, I’d just get lost in the crowd.


Well, until I’m closer to seeing Tiva’s book on the shelf, I’ll continue to research said organizations before choosing one, or two to join.

Do you belong to any group? How do you like it? Do they really help you?

Agent Search Update!!

Queries sent: 12
Rejections: 3
Partials requested: 1

I am keeping track of everyone I’m sending to, including response dates. Kinda makes the whole process fun. I was originally going to send out 3-5 queries a day, but that just seems silly. In a week, that would be over thirty queries. Not only would I be saturating the field, I’d probably end up query people who know each other!

So, I’m pacing myself a bit. I’ll take tomorrow off, then I’ll send out a few more on Monday. When I hit twenty I’ll break for a week or so. Even though I have a partial out there, most of the people I’m querying won’t respond for four weeks.

I have so many people on my social networking sites; I’m really surprised I don’t “know” any agents yet. Sure, I’ve posted on some of their blogs and left messages and such, but I don’t know any of them. My networking skills need some polishing I think.

I’ve found a few agents through author websites, mainly those authors I enjoy reading or have had contact with. Makes the query letters more personal, so hopefully that gets me noticed.

If you’d like to recommend an agent for Lucky’s books (it’s a thriller with a side dish of romance, but it’s not really a romantic relationship), I’d be ecstatic!!

I’m almost up to 900 friends on myspace!! I never thought I’d have that many! I’d love to hit 1000 before Tiva comes out so if we’re not friends yet, please add me!!

My other sites:





I’ll be sure to add you back!!

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