January 20, 2008

Never give up, never surrender!

Agent Update
Queries sent: 14
Rejections: 6
Partials requested: 2
Partials rejected: 1 :-(

Looks like I need to send out some more letters starting tomorrow. I haven't decided what my stop number is going to be yet. Nor if I will go directly to publishers once I've finished with my first round of agents.

The fact that I've been asked for two partials by larger agencies gives me hope. Reading excerpts from crappy novels in a magazine, which have MAJOR publishers, bothers me. I don't get it. I know my writing isn't as cheesy as some of this shit. It vexes me.

I've gone chapter to chapter with Lucky #1 I'll be writing the synopsis soon and tweaking it over the next couple of days before sending it out. At least now, with a synopsis, I'll be able to query more agents.

My internet bookmarks have been growing steadily for a while and I had way to many. So today, I decided to go through them. It took me a while...jeeze. But I did find some gems I'd forgotten about.

http://accent.gmu.edu/browse_language.php This site allows you to hear people of non-english background, reading an English passage so you can hear their accent. Cool, huh?

http://www.slushpile.net/ A writing site with lots of great information, news, book reviews, etc.

http://www.dearreader.com/ This site lets you subscribe to genre categories and receive weekly book excerpts. Publisher can also submit books for consideration.

Anyone watch American Idol this week? Wow, people really do go overboard to get on TV don't they? I won't be surprised if this is the last year. Yes, there are very talented people out there, but Idol is just attracting the crazy crowd more. Wanna know what's even worse? The Princess Leia dude....he's my (ready for this?) nephew's friend's mother's co-worker. Heh. My mom called me and couldn't stop laughing.

Moonlight was awesome this week. I loved that whole back story line with Coraline. If they work more of that shit into the show and get involved in the history, they could really make the show work. Still, I think Mick needs to stay a vampire.

The last few days I've been watching Death Note. I...obtained it, subbed for Jenn's viewing pleasure and rather enjoyed it. I can honestly say I wasn't expecting it to end the way it did, though I should have. The one thing I did notice the most in this anime was the internal thought. There was SO much of it, I mean, like, more than normal. Then, as I continued to watch, I noticed how important it was. You had to know what both main characters were thinking and feeling to understand where the plot was going. Cat and mouse, yes, but so much more. The tension came from knowing what they knew.

It could have been handled slightly different, I'm sure, but after I got used to it, the ride wasn't half bad. Now, I just have to get the second movie so I can watch them both in a row. Whee!

Next I think is Saiyuki Reload or Gunslinger Girl. Haven't decided yet. With all my shows off, I've got some time to watch anime. I'm so behind...

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