February 11, 2008

Updates and Pop Culture Talk

Queries sent: 36
Rejections: 16
Partials requested: 3
Partials rejected: 2

Well, I’m making progress. I got a partial request in fifteen minutes from sending an email! That was pretty damn cool. But then today I got the rejection:

Jenn: Thanks for sharing these pages with me. I read these pages with interest and see writing talent, but I wasn't as drawn into the story as I hoped and will pass on the opportunity. Sorry, {Agent name}.

Dang it! I know the first three chapters are good. I’ve worked on them for months. Bleh.

Keep trying, right?

It’s so hard not to get depressed. I am focusing on the fact that I’ve been asked for three partials already. That’s more than I could say for other things I’ve queried in the past.

I have some outstanding queries from early January. I’ll have to look up each one individually. I do remember some agencies saying “If we’re not interested, we won’t respond.” Kinda lame, but I know agents are busy people. Form letters are fine, they take two seconds. It’s really not that hard.

I guess I’m still having those “am I good enough” issues. I mean, I’ve read excerpts from Bestselling authors and I couldn’t believe there was head hopping in such a small section. Not to mention half the “Hot Reads” I see in Cosmo do the same damn thing.

Why is it the rules don’t seem to apply to writers who’ve made it? Why can they head hop? Why do they even head hop? It’s so annoying to read one character’s take on the situation in one paragraph then the next it’s someone else. Okay, fine, maybe they’re writing in omniscient point of view but I was told it’s not something a good writer should do. Was the advice wrong? Not from what I see on the internet.

Okay, enough complaining…

My former roommate came up for his birthday. We went to lunch with friends, played Rock Band and Call of Duty 4…Well, I tried to play it, but first person shooter games make me dizzy…

By the way, if any of you have PLAYSTATION 3, my user name is Tiva_Boon. Heheh, my brother thought it would be a good way to promote the books. I have a little bubble over the username that says “Coming soon…” LOL

We watched NFL highlights from the Superbowl too. Man, what a great game that was. I predict both Manning bros will make it to next year’s game. Heh, that would be fun. Since they each have a ring, they can really duke it out!

I hope the writer's strike is solved this week. Damn it, I want my 24 back!

JERICHO comes back this week! *Squee* Yes, I’m one of those people who signed the protest. I didn’t send nuts into CBS, but I would have if they didn’t bring the show back. The reviews in Entertainment Weekly aren’t great, and I have a feeling the show won’t be as good as it was without Gerald McRainey, but the idea of the show still intrigues me, thus I will watch. I love it when fans bring shows back. Can you imagine how different Katherine Hiegl's career might have been if Roswell didn't come back for another season? I almost started watching Grey's Anatomy because she was on the show, but I'm still over medical drama's right now.

LOST is doing well in my opinion. Funny thing, my dad called me up during the commercials and was asking all these questions he should have known the answer too. Then he tells me he didn't watch last season! >.< He said it was boring. Well, granted some did feel that way, I thought it was a great season and answered many things the fans were bitching about. Of course, now there are more questions, which makes it even better. hehehe.

I’m still watching the Sarah Connor Chronicles. I love girls who kick ass. Survivor came back on last week. Frickin Johnny Fairplay. He’s gone, good. I don’t know why they even allowed him to come on again.

Should be fun to see Ozzy and that other kid go at it in the swim challenges. Ozzy is a dolphin!

I’ve given up on Bionic Woman (think it was canceled anyway), and Chuck. I hear Journeyman was canceled too. Bleh. At least Pushing Daisies is staying on the air, though, I’m not sure I care about Net and Chuck anymore. The relationship isn’t going to go anywhere, so I have no idea what they’re going to do. Chi McBride is awesome. I watched an old episode of Boston Public the other day with Mathew Lawrence. I got teary eyed.

I got teary eyes watching Across the Universe this weekend too. I love the Beatles. I love musicals. This one was decent. It was a bit confusing in parts. I wasn’t exactly sure what year was which, but I knew enough history to kinda figure it out. I think the movie didn’t do well because of this type of confusion. Not to mention the way they told the main character’s stories then mashed them all together. All in all, I liked it. The singing was great and Bono was funny.

I’m reading the Kouga Ninja Scrolls. It’s a Japanese novel that inspired the anime series Basilisk (which I haven’t seen yet) and the movie Shinobi: Heart Under Blade. I watched the movie late night a few weeks ago. It was different, I’ll give you that, but I enjoyed it enough to get the book, so that says something. I like the supernatural elements of the Ninja’s fighting style, so I’ll be sure to post a review when I’m done.

Back to the internet now. I still need a real job.

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