March 31, 2008

Book #10 and bitching...

Detective Rebecca Montgomery has lost everything. After her sister’s disappearance and her mother’s withdrawal, Becca is left to fend alone through the bitterness and guilt of losing her family. Just when she thinks it couldn’t get any worse, her boss puts up a brick wall between her and the murder case involving her sister, Dani, forcing her out of the loop. Leaving others to find a killer and get the job done doesn’t sit well with Becca.

Taking on another case and staying busy is the only thing that helps keep Becca sane, but when bones are found inside the wall of a recently burned down theater she must put aside her search for Dani’s killer and focus on the investigation at hand.

When she spots Diego Galvan outside the theater, there are instant sparks between the two, but issues of trust and honesty become a major road block. Becca delves further into her cold case investigation only to cross paths with a sinister man named Hunter Cavanaugh, who has the eyes of the FBI on his back. Unsure which side Diego is on, she blackmails him—using his connections to Cavanaugh, so she can gain further insight into the possible suspect and her mysterious new friend.

As Becca uncovers more suspects in the case she can’t help the gut instincts drawing her back to Hunter and Diego. After the truth comes out for Becca and Diego, the danger intensifies and both become targets in a twisted game of power, control, and money.

Woot! I finished it!

Back to my normal-ish reading habits, sorta…I read this book in one day, making sure I got to the end before I went to bed! The book definitely kept me on my toes, wondering how it was all going to end. Jordan Dane’s debut novel is a page turner with believable characters, a fast thrilling pace, and vivid settings. My pulse raced right alongside Becca’s with each new situation she found herself in.

This book reminds me of the books I read in my early twenties when I just discovered suspense. I had been an avid mystery reader for a while but grew tired of the normal procedural or who dun it. Suspense always adds that heightened sense of danger. With a touch of romance, No One Heard Her Scream gives you a bit more pulse pounding under the sheets.

Congrats on a great success Jordan!

…In other news.

I haven’t had much computer time lately. I guess for normal people, that wouldn’t be a problem. But me…well, I have a lot riding on this little computer of mine. I like to learn, so I have knowledge at my finger tips, and that helps with the writing. The writing is why I need to spend time at the computer.

If I’m out in the living room, watching TV, playing Rock Band or watching my bro play DMC4, I’m not writing. When there are people over, it gets loud, and I end up joining for a while and I’m not writing.

Then there are times when I’m at my computer. I have to check my email. I have a ton sitting, waiting…collecting cyber dust. I have others, on different addresses for various online communities, games, etc, and they’re full and need attention. Then there’s myspace, facebook, live journal, writer communities, author communities, searching for an agent, sending out queries, taking a break to watch Survivor. I’m not writing.

I have to do newsletters and paperwork for a group I belong to. Writing? What’s that?

I get notes from a friend on how to help me tame down Lucky #2 and I begin edits. Still…NOT writing.

I’m reading the 15 pages of Lucky 3 wondering why I’m even bothering but knowing fucking Lucky won’t get out of my head until it’s done. Nope, not writing.

I read two books this weekend. Read some pages of the Lucky’s last night. Think about it all day at work.


I am writing tonight damn it!

Even if it’s only for an hour.

I just know, somewhere, out there…somehow, it’ll happen damn it. One good thing has to go right in my life, doesn’t it?

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