April 3, 2008

Comfortably numb.

It feels like Thursday again.

I’m doing the weekly newsletter for my Star Trek role playing group and watching Survivor. CSI is next. Lost would be a great cap to the night, but it’s a repeat. My old comfortable Thursday’s were much quieter last TV season. Now, my bro is constantly playing Mortal Kombat or Call of Duty…”Get over here!” or “Planting Claymore!” has become permanent auditory background noise in my house of late.

I’ve actually been writing. Go me! However, I’m suddenly doing it out of order. But I’m still writing! This one friggen scene just wouldn’t get out of my head. Being stuck three chapters in because my brain won’t think of anything else really sucks. So I wrote the damn thing down. And, of course, I constantly reread scenes I love, over and over and over again, so, I’ve been reading it too.

Now, I’m still kinda stuck at the beginning and I reallllly want to get to that section in the book so I can flesh it out and make it more powerful. Gah! What have I done? I KNEW there was a reason I never wrote out of sequence.

I will admit, reading a teaser by KM Moning got me riled up enough to write that little scene. I even tortured my sister by making her read it. Her words, well close enough: “I fucking hate you. Don’t talk to me.” That means Jenn did good.

Until Warcraft, my sister read a lot. I mean…a lot. At least one, and sometimes two books a day. Every day. All romance. Usually the icky romance I don’t like. Historical: swollen flower petals and pulsating manhood kinda romance. *Shiver* Sometimes she peppers in a contemporary, or suspense-romance, and such.

But, she likes her romance. I’ve been trying to convince her to start a blog and review the stuff she’s read. Ah, maybe one day.

Anyway, she was gushing about Irene Peterson’s book, Glory Days. I blogged about it earlier. I’m glad she read it. I’d liked for her to get back into reading. She’s my test subject for romance. She knows the type of stories and plots I like and she knows how I like my romance. Both reading and writing, because they are two different beasts all together. When I’m unsure of a scene, usually romantic or sexual in nature, I set up the emotional background first. Then I explain what I want the scene to convey. Then I make her read it. Heh. I’m evil, but she’s a good critic and has read enough of the genre to give me the lowdown. She likes her smutt, but she likes it well written.

I’m off to PA for the weekend to visit my mother and nephew. It’s his birthday today!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So my bro and I are going to spoil him for a day.

So, I won’t be able to write, but I plan on making my mother take me for a ride around town for some more “on location” research for Lucky’s hometown. Which means it’ll be another weekend with me thinking about it instead.

Oh, I have an update on the whole search for an agent. I’m starting to get down again. What I really need to do is take a day and focus on it. I have a healthy list of agents I want to send snail mail too. That’s my next task.

I haven’t decided if I should re-query old agents from back in January. It’s been three months. They don’t have that “if you don’t hear from us…” stipulation, but I haven’t heard from them.

IF I do decide to re-query, should I mention that? Or should I just send it as if it’s my first?

Anyway, here’s the update.

Queries sent: 77
Rejections: 37
Partial Requests: 8
Partials Rejected: 7 :-(

So, now you see why I’m down. My second requested partial is still out there…I’ve got my fingers crossed…

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