May 9, 2008

Weekly update.

Man, what a week.

Let’s start off with the writing stuff.

I sent Lucky # 1 to a new writer friend of mine I met through work. He called me the other day. Said he read about 14 pages. Then he said: “You’re going to be published.” He said he liked my voice and tone. Wow. Right? I was so happy and embarrassed. Having family and friends tell you that they love your writing is wonderful, but I always have a feeling they’re being overly nice because, well they love me. It was wonderful to hear from someone who just met me and thinks I’m pretty darn good.

Maybe there is hope for me yet.

Agent update:
Queries sent: 116
Partial Requests: 9
Rejections: 60
Partial Rejections: 9

Jeeze. After this round of letters, I’m going for publishers. The one good thing to come of this…I’ve qualified for PRO in the Romance Writers organization. Heh.

But you know what? Some of these rejects are piss poor. Seriously…I understand agents are busy people, but you know what? This is their JOB. If you have 100 authors sending you queries every day, that’s 100 people, who are just as, if not, more busy than agents (full time job, writing, querying, family) taking their time to send you a LETTER, and all you can do is send back a slip of paper? Not a post card. A nice printed sheet of paper. A letter, or even an email. A strip of paper. WTF, really? Shame on you. How hard is it to print out a form letter and stuff in a supplied SASE?

At first, I was angry. Then I found myself disappointed. If/when I go back to query agents in a second round, or another project, I certainly won’t be sending to those agents who sent me back a slip of paper. Sure, they probably don’t care, but if word got around about how crappy their responses are…maybe they won’t get those 100 query letters every day and offer them to other agents who respect the time it takes for a writer to send out letters.


Has anyone noticed that the Quantas Airlines commercials are using Men at Work’s “Land Down Under” as their background music? It’s serious, instrumental and classical sounding…VERY funny! Of course now all I hear is Peter Griffin trying to sing it like he did this week on Family Guy…

Let’s go over the rest of my TV week.

American Idol. I told my brother that I heard Jason wanted to leave the show on Monday. Before we watched the show Tuesday, I told him Jason needs to forget his lyrics if he really wants to get kicked off. Low and behold…he messed up. Jason says today that he didn’t do it on purpose…yeah, right.

CSI. It was very funny this week. I was disappointed with Grissom’s line at the beginning…they totally gave it Nick later in the show! Grissom is the punny man damn it!

Smallville. This show just keeps getting better. I’ve said it once before, they’ve taken pieces from early seasons and brought them right into these last two seasons as if they planned this all from the start. I really wonder if they had all this in mind or pieced it together afterwards. Just amazing.

LOST. Wow. I’ll say it again. WOW. I honestly have so many thoughts and theories on this, I can’t even get them out of my head right now.

Survivor. I called my mother, right after Eric gave Nat the necklace and she was already laughing. She didn’t stop laughing for five minutes, I shit you not. Eric is a fucking moron…for real.

I haven’t watch SVU or Criminal Minds for this week, and Moonlight is on tonight. Fun fun.

I’m visiting my mother this weekend for Mother’s Day. She wants to go shopping. I wish I could go clothes shopping, but right now, it would be a waste of money. In another month, I’ll be at least one size smaller. By the end of the summer, I’m hoping another size or two.

I may break down and get some T-shirts and a pair of jeans, but that’s all for now. I hate wearing clothes that are two sizes too big, but it’s better than buying clothes every month.

My trainer is wonderful! She let me use her equipment two extra times this week. Four days in a row I worked out. Whew. Makes for a tired Jenn. I have to be extra good this weekend so I don’t mess up all the wonderful progress I made this week!

I haven’t been spending as much time online as I used to in previous months. I’ve neglected some of my online friends, groups, and message boards…but I have SO many to keep track of and so little time these days.

I’ve been a very bad comment poster lately too. I AM reading all my friends posts on LJ and a big chunk of blog posts on myspace, so keep writing! Just taking the time to comment these days, with my time shorter, gets overwhelming.

Yeah yeah, I know if I cut out TV I’d have more time, but how else am I supposed to relax after work?

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