November 3, 2008


I’m almost settled into the new place. I’ve decided I’m not going to unpack some of the boxes, no need, I’ll probably be moving again in 6 months. Bleh.

I’ve also decided to participate in JennWriMore, which is my personal version of NaNo. Since the “rules” state that you have to start something from scratch, I “can’t” do it this year. I REALLY need to finish Lucky 3 and I’ve given myself the month of November to do it.


Here is the current word count for Lucky 3: 56,670. Add another 50k to that and it’s roughly where book 1 and 2 are word count wise. So, it’s doable!

I’ll try to post an update every other day or so, more if I get the chance.

Right now I have:

1 full submission w/agent

2 partial submissions w/agents

2 partial submissions w/editors

Looking good so far. I don’t have a full update on my agent search, but I’m still keeping track. I’ll post the stats some time this week. It’s been a long process so far (Since January) and I’m not even done yet. I guess it says a little bit about my determination that I haven’t stopped yet!

I’ve also broken my weight loss plateau! Yay! I’m on track to hit my goal weight by my birthday! Woot. I can’t wait.

Tomorrow’s going to be an exciting day. I have to wait until after work to vote, but I’ll be there! Hope you’re voting too.

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