January 16, 2009


It really hasn't been this cold in NJ since I was a kid. I think. It could be that I was just so fat it didn't matter before. LOL. Well, it's damn cold now. I'm SO glad I don't live in that apartment anymore...yesh!

BSG starts tonight! *Squee* Only 10 episodes left, dang that sucks. I probably won't watch the spin off show, don't have the time. Ah well...

Okay, CSI last night pissed me off. The episode was good. The end was kinda good. That kiss...was bad. BAD! BAD! I used to be one of those Sara-Gris shippers. I even wrote a couple of fanfictions about them. I dunno, that kiss just didn't feel right. It should have been softer, slower, tender, almost needy. Not sloppy and gross! UGH!

Supernatural was pointless except for the last ten minutes. God I love Dean. I love angsty tortured men, he's in my top ten faves these days. I think I'll have to do a post on that some time soon. *swoon*

Smallville, ok. Liked the time travelers. I always love time travel anything.

I sent Lucky's Charm to a myspace friend to beta read for me. I love hearing new opinions about Lucky. It can only make me better. Ex-roomie has Lucky #3. Only problem, I talked to him about the plot a lot, so he has more information in his head than he's read so far and it's a bit confusing. So, I told him to try and forget what I told him. LOL

I'm still trying to come up with my next idea. I know what it won't be. Horror, Steampunk, Vampires, Were-anything, Shapeshifters, morphers, or changlings.

I was thinking about topics I have a strong grasp on. I asked my brother to help me. He says "Songs, Movies, and TV Stuff." O.O I know more than that, don't I?

I know how payroll works. I know how to make nail polish, sorta. I know the Star Trek and Star Wars realms very well. I know anime. I know a nice fraction of history, religion, and cultures from around the world. I know football. I do know movies and music and tv. Everyone usually comes to me with a plot or actors and asks me what movie they were in. I know video games. I know books and writers. I know the internet.

None of that helps me.

One of my favorite topics ever is time travel. I like to think I have a nice grasp on the topic, even if it is fictional. I usually have to explain things to people. Like, last night on Smallville. Both kids were from the future. One kid found a baseball. The other kid said "They never found that in all your items." So the first kid asks Clark if he can have it, Clark said yes. I go "well duh, that's why they never found it." Doesn't make sense to everyone, but it does to me. Instantly.

I should be a time traveler.

Maybe I should revisit my Time Healers idea and make it for grown ups. Could work, but aren't there enough time travel stories out there already?


It'll come to me. I know it will....



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