February 23, 2009

Is it freakin spring yet?

After a few weeks of non-responses from agents/editors, I got three today. Bam! Right in a row. Of course they were all recently sent. So, I'm still waiting on the others.

I figure if I don't hear anything by the end of April, I'll send another email nudge...except for the two who already told me they haven't read anything yet.

I'm closer to decided on my next writing project. I actually have to ideas and I'm really not sure which one to pick.

1. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal with my type of demons and magic. Won't be your usual demons from the underworld...I've got a really neat twist on the idea. This would be something based on the short story I sold to Three Crows...though less "erotic" probably...more romancy.

2. Action/Suspense/Mystery with a group of private security professionals (bodyguards, just don't call them that), which would center around two main characters, a few minor characters, and at least one or two plots.

I really don't know which to do. Both could be the spring board for series. 1 would need world building. 2 would need research. I could get away with more in 1 than I probably could with 2.

Sometimes, when I can't figure out what to write, I think I'm having a writer's identity problem. That's not really true because I do love to write in all different genres. Previous post have listed everything I've written so far, so I won't bore you with the details.

Some say I'm doing myself a disservice by not picking one genre and sticking to it. Other say spread yourself out as far as you can until you hit it "big" with a "real" book contract. Ugh.

Making decisions is not Jenn's strong suit. Seriously. When I'm uncertain, making a choice is always hard for me. When I actually KNOW what I want, though, nothing can stand in my way. Weird, right? Such is the brain of Jenn.

So. I think I'm going to do some preliminary work on both 1 and 2 and see which one draws me in more. Fun.

I was able to get the Tiva books back into Word format, after about 8 hours of working on it. Yesh! What a chore. I have yet to decide what to do yet...ha...another decision! I really love Tiva's story and I know it has an audience already, I'm still getting asked by some people in my Role playing group, when it's coming out... *sigh* At this point, I could publish it myself. It's been professionally edited. I have a book cover and blurbs and what not. But, I think Tiva is worth more than Lulu. I probably won't do anything with it for at least another month or so while I write up a query and synopsis. I've already crossed a few publishers off my list because 1. the books are too damn long 140K and 150K, and it's Sci-Fi with Fantasy and there are some pubs that don't want the Sci-Fi part.

However, I've got my eyes open and watching calls for submissions all over the place for when I'm ready.

Wouldn't it be great if both Tiva and Lucky got picked up this year! *crosses fingers*

Quick TV recaps:
(possible spoilers)

BSG was pretty boring this week. Had some good stuff...eh, next week looks better.

I'm still not sure about Dollhouse. If she continues to sleep with everyone, I think I'm done.

Terminator, still loving this show.

The Oscars! Hugh was a great host. He's so cute. Not surprised Slumdog cleaned house. I was kinda ticked they didn't use all Indian dancers in the stage performance. Sorry...but Indian dancers do it best. Having watched a great number of Bollywood films, it's nice to see them start to get some recognition here in the US.

Surprised at Sean Penn's win, but good for him. He really is a fantastic actor. All in all, a good show. Loved DVRing through the commercials...except Tom and Jimmy. That was funny.

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