February 19, 2009

Published? Take a quick survey? Please? Pretty Please?

If you're published, in any format, would you kindly answer these questions?

What genre are you you published in?

What's your publishing house or magazine?

How much do you love them?

Do they take unsolicited manuscripts/stories?



Terri Nixon said...

Oookay - published in:
horror, drama, fantasy.

Publishing House: BeWrite Books. Independent, royalty paying, POD (not vanity)

I love them lots.

Not sure about current submission requirements/acceptances.

Morgan Mandel said...

Mystery and Romance

Hard Shell Word Factory

I love the professional appearance of their books.

Not taking submissions.

Morgan Mandel

Anonymous said...

Mystery Romance

- Libros International. Book was up and running within 9 months.

- Great editorial team, Decent cover design team - Crap marketing.

If marketing is no good, forget the rest.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jenn, forgot to say - nice blog.