February 18, 2009

Yes we know Jenn watches too much TV, but I have nothing to write...And survey!

No Gossip Girl this week. :-(
24 was good . I can't wait for the Chloe-Janis showdown. It's coming. I feel it.
Heroes is back on track once again. Finally. I didn't think they'd get out of that rut.

I've had to give up watching Biggest Loser...on TV. I watch the recaps online instead.
The Mentalist is just too fantastic. Very fun episode last night. Love the characters.
No Fringe, but that's okay, two hours of Idol.

Could have been one hour honestly. OMG. I think I cringed at half of the contestants.

Faves so far: Danny Gokey and Alexis Grace.

Why did Tatiana have to be decent? Why?

What happened to the rest of them? Jeeze, okay, I know a few of them were really nervous, you could see it in their faces and hear it in their voices. I get that they're on TV now and have to be uber good, but during Hollywood week they sung in front of 150+ people (granted all were contestants) but that studio probably only held about 100 or so people this week.

Was it Ted Danson? Or Doogie? Great thing about HDTV you can honestly see every damn face in the crowd.

I'll recap the rest of my TV shows on Friday. Probably. Cuz I know you just need to hear my opinion about them. LOL

My work load seems to be picking up. That's good. I hope we get busy. Go women! Buy nailpolish!

State and Federal tax refunds? Check.
Payment for short story sold? Check.
Pay day on Friday? Check!


Doing okay. It's rough out here.

I'm feeling internally anxious about my writing. I have this itch inside me that's dying to hear back from Agents/Editors that are reading my manuscript. I keep trying to tell myself no news is better than a big fat no. But is it really?

After this current round of readings for Lucky, I have to make a decision.

Should I continue querying agents? How about sending Lucky out to the slush pile? Or do I go with a smaller, print/epubs?

I know many of my writer friends are very happy with their smaller presses like Wild Rose or Samhaim. Would I be? I'm not sure.

My first published book went the POD route. I didn't know any better six years ago when I submitted it. Granted, no one else would have taken the book. It wasn't horrible, but not very well written nor edited.

I'm a stronger writer now than I was in 2001. In seven years, I better damn well be, right? Still, I'm not really sure what to do. So, why don't you help me?

Short survey:
What genre are you you published in?
What's your publishing house?
How much do you love them?
Do they take unsolicited manuscripts?

That's all, nothing else. I won't ask you for names or guidelines or anything like that, I'm just curious to see how people feel about other publishing houses out there that I'm not familiar with. I know or am friends,facebooked, or myspaced with many smaller pubs out there, but I want personal accounts.

I'm trying to dream big and reach for the stars, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to try to touch the clouds instead. :-)

Now, all I need to do is figure out what to write next.

I know what I won't write:
Vampires, shapeshifter, wolf-anything, secret-anything, magic kids, humor (cuz i'm not good at it), historical, steampunk (just can't), lawyers, PI's, cops, FBI, bounty hunters, oh, and Vampires. :-)

I have a demon/god type of story in my head, along the lines of the short story I just sold, but that seems to be over done now too.

Yes, yes, I know. Everything HAS been done. I've been beating my head against the wall trying to find a topic or creature or setting that doesn't have 1200 books tied to it. Not easy.

I've tried starting with the characters. The only ones that are bothering me right now are tied to this demon/god story. Ugh.

Should I stick with suspense/thriller like Lucky? Should I go back to Sci-Fi like Tiva? Should I write something different?

I don't know.

Everyone says you should stick with one genre. I've posted about this before too. My brain just doesn't work that way. I absorb so much of everything that I can't just pick one style to write.

I don't even have a preference in what I like to write. The "voice" of my short story is completely different from Lucky and Tiva. It's written in present tense (which I never do). It's first person (haven't done that since play nice), and it's all in the male POV. So, it's way out of the realm of what and how I normally write. I thought it came out great. A very interesting tone, manner of speech and thought came out on the page. I enjoyed writing it and at times surprised the hell out of myself.


I can't do it all. In fact, I don't want to do it all. I'd love to write horror one day. Urban Fantasy, paranormal (maybe), more Sci-Fi, you bet. More suspense/thrillers? Yep. All with a little bit of romance or sex in it...works for me.

Just wish it would work for someone else. heh.

The only ideas I have in my head right now are the demon/god thing and a group of bodyguards. Bleh.

So, I'll keep plugging away. Lightning will strike eventually.

ps. do my survey? please?

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Stella Price said...

What genre are you you published in? Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
What's your publishing house? Tease Publishing, Total E Bound. Phaze and Siren Publishing
How much do you love them? Tease: LOVE LOVE LOVE. TEB: LOVE LOVE LOVE, Phaze: I do like them but we dont sell as well with them as with the other two, Siren: Cant stand them and wont recommend them.
Do they take unsolicited manuscripts?Tease: Closed to outside submissions till January 2010, TEB: yes, Phaze: Yes, Siren: Yes

Hope that helps, Im also trying to break into NY with my work, its trying because I have realized that few agents are willing to take the chance on the subject matter, and finding editors for me has been just as hard.

Good luck hun. You might wanna start with a small press the way the economy is running, Find one that does print and gain yourself a following.