February 14, 2009

Feeling Bipolar...

The week started off great, I sold a story.

Then slowly, I felt the blahs settle in. Mostly writing blahs. It probably stems from editing all week and hearing feedback on the Lucky books. Some good, some not so good, some I'm just not sure how to take. This is the main reason I hardly post my stuff online for snippet contests and such.

You ever watch shows where you have a lot of questions and must wait for answers? (Like, LOST, Fringe, Heroes...etc) NOT having the answers keeps you watching right? So why do some readers wants answers to everything in the first page?

Note to self: Forgo snippet contest in the future.

I'm about 30 pages into editing Lucky #3. Having just come back from my writer's meeting, I'm actually looking forward to seeing how much of the workshop of rewriting rubbed off on me.

I will try to take the authors advice in the future and write my first draft all the way through. I do have a very bad habit of revising as I go, or after a chapter or scene is done. A new way might work. Can't hurt to try.

I watched Dollhouse last night. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Acting was good. Lots of people I like showed up in the first episode. Premise is interesting, but I sorta got the feeling, as of just this one episode, that it's a futuristic brothel. Echo's first...mission, or whatever, was a date with a biker guy.

So, I'm thinking they're going to take her character and make her a prototype kick ass chick for something. Then, it might get really interesting. If they keep making these girls go on dates I think they'll have a problem...

BSG! Awww, poor Anders. He's still damn cute with no hair. Nice to get some information flowing, but wow, what an info dump huh? I don't know how many more episodes are left, seems like it's coming down to the wire though. Nice twist with the 7th model Cylon. Wonder if he's already been on the show.

Survivor is back! I love me some Jeff Probst. He does a blog on EW the day after the show now. He's very funny. Who woulda thought? I haven't picked anyone out who I like yet. Give me until next week. :-)

Okay, enough messing around. I need to finish editing....

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