February 9, 2009

Nerds? NERDS!

I proudly consider myself a nerd, geek, dork, whatever pop culture reference you want to put me under. Comic Book geek isn't one of them, but Trekkie, yes, which in some circles is worse.

New York Comic Con was HUGE this year. I went to the very first one. This time, it was organized and easy to find everything you wanted to find. One thing that kinda ticked me off, there were more vendors there selling their stuff than giving me free stuff!

Still, I walked out with about 14 free books. Two of which I may actually read. A ton of bookmarks and buttons, and a couple of catalogs.

My ex-roomie has all the pictures on his phone, I may post a couple tomorrow when he sends them too me.

Jin is alive! I saw him! He's even cuter in person.

I didn't stick around for the author signings because it was too late and I was too damn tired. Walking around and bumping into other nerds for three hours tires you out. Whew.

Onto other news:

BSG! HAHAHAH bye Gaeta, you fucker.

Smallville; Is Lana finally really honestly gone this time?

Supernatural: OMG that was the best scene between Sam and Dean I've seen yet. LOVED IT!

Ooh, it's Monday isn't it? This week off work thing is going to mess me up totally. That means Heroes and 24 tonight! Woot. Jenn is excited.

Jenn has finished blogging.

Jenn needs to edit, then go to the gym.

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