June 8, 2009

Just breathe....

Well, I finally have a moment to sit and do nothing. So, of course, the first thing I do? A blog.

After having less than two weeks to find a new place to live (long story), brother and I are finally settled into our new apartment. Had a few minor snags along the way, but nothing major. Mostly, I was worried that one of my dogs was going to have a hard time adjusting.

She's used to having a yard and wasn't doing her business while on the leash. Thankfully, she's okay and doing what dogs do best. Giving me love and driving me crazy. I swear, between the two of my dogs, they are Marley, from Marley and Me all rolled into one!

Anyway, everything is set up, all the stuff is put away and the apartment is nice and clean. I have great friends that helped me out above and beyond and I couldn't thank them enough, even by feeding them. Over all the place is not very big, but it'll do it's job. I just have to get used to paying an extra $400 a month now. Yikes. Rent in NJ is horrible, the only place worse if CA and NYC probably. Ugh.

I've cut back on Facebook and Twitter the last few weeks, just so I could concentrate on moving and switching addresses, and going to the bank, and watching the money flow out, out, out of my bank account. Thank goodness for my mom, she's a life saver! <3

How's this for sucks? I went back to Comcast from Fios only to find out that the apartment complex is getting Fios in two months. GRR! I hate you Comcast! It might be worth it to pay the fee and cancel, but we'll see what happens in a few months. Yeah, sucks.

Onto funner stuff, sorta:

I submitted Lucky to a few more places the last couple of months, got two rejections, but still waiting on others. I have a small list of other places to submit if current ones say no, after that, I don't know what I'll do...I think Lucky's options are numbered. She's a hard sell, I know, but still...my writing is on par with some of the other stuff I've seen recently, I'm at a loss.


No new ideas on the writing front, so I've done absolutely no writing in about three months save blogs. I've skipped a few of my writers meetings as well, mostly been A. busy or B. not interested in the program. Probably skipping one or two more over the next few months, but no worries, I'm still involved and going!

Only watching two shows this summer, So You Think You Can Dance and True Blood. SYTYCD is going to be FANTASTIC this year! OMG I can't wait for Wednesday! And they're doing another season for the fall!! YAY! While my reality TV Heart will always belong to Survivor, with AI a close second, SYTYCD touches me more than either of them. A few times I got teary eyed during the auditions. Not all because of the sob stories, more the inspirational ones. Good stuff.

The most awesome thing happened to me and my guy the other day!!! We were debating dinner. I'm very indecisive and he likes to make me choose because of this, but I wanted him to pick because well, that's how I am. So finally, we get to a red light and he says "Wendy's?" I say, "Yep, that works." Swing into the turn lane and head to the drive thru. We order our food, get to the window and the chick tells us that the lady in the car in front of us paid for our food. Score! I beep and we both waved, with huge ass smiles on our faces as she drove away.

I meant to go on craigslist and thank her but I forgot and by the time I remembered it would have been too late. So, lady in the silver mini-van, thank you!! You made my day. Well, my week actually. Though, I'm certain if I were alone, that never would have happened. He seems to be a bit of a lucky charm. No pun intended.

A lot has happened in the last few weeks and I know I'm probably blanking on a few important things, but now that I've got my computer set up, internet is running and things around here are calming down somewhat, I'll be back blogging as much as I can!

Keep dreaming peeps!
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