July 3, 2009

Goodbye June, I won't miss you...

What a month, huh? It rained for 23 out of 30 days here in Jersey. It's like June has become the new April. Mother Nature is getting pissed at us, I hope people are noticing.

We witnessed a couple plain crashes. Watched a country speak out for freedom and die for it. Saw more of our troops sacrifice their lives to keep us safe. We lost some great famous people this month as well, controversial people, strange people, fun people, and not as well known people. It's always sad, to me, when people die, regardless of their status or reasons. I got so many breaking news alerts from CNN this month my heart skipped a beat every time, wondering what would happen next.

I moved into my new apt last month. My car needed repair. AND I had a gazillion birthdays in June too, so I'm relatively broke.

However, I won't complain. As July 4th rolls up on us, I'm thankful for everything I have because I know I am much better off than many people in the world right now. My brother and I are both working. We have a roof over our heads. We have two dogs who love us unconditionally. Our family is there to support us whenever we need it. Friends never let us down. We live in one of the best countries in the world. We are free.

So thank you to all the people out there in the military and yes the government who continue to work hard to keep us free. Without you, your families and your sacrifices, we would not be the country we are today.

I hope everyone takes a moment tomorrow to really think about how wonderful this country is. Yes, we have our flaws, but no one person is perfect, no one country can be perfect either.

Enjoy your holiday weekend. Be safe. And remember what you have instead of what you don't have.

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Cat Connor said...

Enjoy your Independence day weekend!


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