January 3, 2011

Blog Tour Day Three! Interview with Jeffrey Barbieri

1Q. What do you currently write, why do you love it, and what are you looking forward to
writing in the future?

1A.The world around us is full of real- life stories that can provide a basis for successful fiction.

There are stories that grip you and some that linger with you for a while. My latest book "Viola - Field Of Flowers" is one of those books I felt compelled to write. Based on real events, it allowed me the freedom to create and express all levels of emotions for each of the characters.

I enjoy finding creative ways in story telling in order to set an emotional stage. If I get the reader to feel for a particular character, whether through laughter or tears, then I have done my job.

I am currently moving in the mystery and romance genre. I've written short romance stories and believe in time that I can develop my skills in order to hopefully release a book in this genre.

2Q. As a member of a new writer’s group, Liberty States Fiction Writers, what have you taken away from the members and why do you think aspiring writers should join groups?

2A. For me, I have found Liberty State Fiction Writers to be a wealth of knowledge.

LSFW concept is to educate and support all fiction writers. So LSFW has given me the opportunity to attend classes in helping me in my craft as well as attend conferences where I can network and attend valuable workshops. If you’re interested in gaining knowledge in the publishing business this is certainly the place to do it. There is support for all fiction writers here.

3Q. Where do you find your motivation and inspiration to continue writing?

3A. My motivation comes from a simple desire to express and create. Words often shape our lives, emotions and thoughts. If I can stir and trigger a response within a reader, then I have done my job.

Jeffrey Barbieri was born in Dover, NJ. As a young teenager he fell in love with music and through music he discovered the power of words.

Experiencing life between NJ and PR became the product of his first book - Lets Find You - that shares this adventure.

After enlisting in the Army from 1985 – 1993 he attended Chubb Institute. He is a member of the Liberty State Fiction Writers Association and the American Legion.

He currently lives between NJ and PR and is an active member of two charity organizations: Save-a-Gato in Puerto Rico and Paper Houses Across The Border, Acuña, México.

Jeffrey is a musician and plays the guitar, piano and drums. He enjoys song writing and creating emotions through music. He has taught Sign Language for more than 13 years and enjoys meeting others who share the passion of changing lives through words.

Viola – Field Of Flowers:

In the heart of Savannah, Ga. Two girls come together to form the unlikeliest of friendships.

Separated by the color of their skin, Viola and Ruth tell a story of truth, love, and the power of family.

Walk with them as they find each other in "Field Of Flowers."

You can find Jeff online: www.JeffreyDBarbieri.com

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