February 4, 2011

My Guilty Pleasure - JLo

When Simon decided to leave American Idol, I wasn't sure I would watch it anymore. I mean, he's SIMON! I agreed with him 90% of the time, even when he was super mean, though I may have been a bit nicer myself. He still cracked me up. After hearing JLo was being considered for the show, I got a little excited. (Okay Tyler is hilarious, and I wasn't expecting him to be, so that's just icing...)

See, I have a girl-crush on JLo. Granted, I have many girl-crushes and have no problem saying so, to name a few, Angelina, Jessica Alba, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and my all time fave Drew Barrymore. But I never really told many people how much I love JLo.

She's not the greatest singer out there, but I love some of her songs still to this day. She's not the greatest actress, but I loved Selena and the Wedding Planner, I didn't even mind the Back Up Plan, well, because Alex O'Loughlin was in it...and he's super hot.

She is, however, one hell of a dancer. She's beautiful, smart, funny, seems rather genuine on AI, and has really branded herself well over the years.

Since watching her on AI, my appreciation for her has grown.

Last night, brother and I were talking about her and playing some of her videos on the iPod, I came to a realization that she could totally play Lucky. I'm sure a little make-up would give her that slight Asian influence in the eyes, add a wig (or super tight perm), and a pair of contacts, BOOM! Lucky. She's tall enough, curvy enough, and has the right look for Lucky.

If Lucky does well, I may have to start an online campaign for her to read the book and option it for a movie. HAHAHAH I crack you up, don't I?

Hey, it worked for Betty White and SNL, why not me? :-)

But seriously, I love trying to find celebrities to play my characters. I based my latest MC Hero on Jeffrey Dean Morgan....yum.

Do you have celebrities in mind when you write your characters? Do you know the perfect celebrity to play one of your characters?

Who is your guilty pleasure?

Tell me, I'm curious!

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