February 2, 2011

Self Pub on Kindle

Yes, I've decided to take an OLD YA-ish novella and put it on Amazon Kindle. Why not? It's a great little Sci-Fi Time Travel story about two siblings from the future who get stuck in the 21st Century. Lots of action and fun and a Star Trek Convention!

No, I have not lost my faith in the publishing industry. In fact, I've learned to adjust my way of thinking about it.

When I first started submitting, (way back in 2001) I wanted to find a big time publisher for my really crappy book. Boy did I learn a lot! The second and third books, though better, didn't go anywhere either. But in the last ten years, the number of good legitimate ebook publishers has skyrocketed! After I finished Lucky and submitted to all the big guys who take slush, I realized that I wasted a good year trying to "make it big" instead of starting smaller, building up a reader base, and creating my platform.

So that's where I am now.

I'm super excited to see things moving along now. Taking some of my older stuff, re-editing them, and self publishing doesn't seem like the crazy move it did all those years ago.

Amazing what a few years and an explosion of technology can do, huh?

Stay tuned for details about Time Healers: Book One!


Cherie Reich said...

Great idea! And, I saw the cover you made on Facebook. I like it! If you ever need an extra pair of eyes to edit, I'd be willing to help out pro bono.

Many Genres One Craft said...
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Heidi Ruby Miller said...

Okay, let's try that again, signed in as me...

Kudos to you!

I'm doing the same thing with three of my novels this year, including my SF thesis for Seton Hill.

Let me know if I can help you with promotion.