February 2, 2011

Self Pub on Kindle

Yes, I've decided to take an OLD YA-ish novella and put it on Amazon Kindle. Why not? It's a great little Sci-Fi Time Travel story about two siblings from the future who get stuck in the 21st Century. Lots of action and fun and a Star Trek Convention!

No, I have not lost my faith in the publishing industry. In fact, I've learned to adjust my way of thinking about it.

When I first started submitting, (way back in 2001) I wanted to find a big time publisher for my really crappy book. Boy did I learn a lot! The second and third books, though better, didn't go anywhere either. But in the last ten years, the number of good legitimate ebook publishers has skyrocketed! After I finished Lucky and submitted to all the big guys who take slush, I realized that I wasted a good year trying to "make it big" instead of starting smaller, building up a reader base, and creating my platform.

So that's where I am now.

I'm super excited to see things moving along now. Taking some of my older stuff, re-editing them, and self publishing doesn't seem like the crazy move it did all those years ago.

Amazing what a few years and an explosion of technology can do, huh?

Stay tuned for details about Time Healers: Book One!

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