April 4, 2011

Murder for Sale!

I have a fascination for murder. Serial Killers and Assassins to be specific. No, I don't want to date one or become one, I just can't seem to get enough of crime fiction. I watch L&O:SVU L&O:UK, Criminal Minds, CSI, Dexter, The Mentalist, Hawaii 5-0 and many others. Love assassin movies, any type. I read mostly thrillers & suspense where someone is investigating/hunting a murder(er) or running away from one. I've even read some non-fiction serial killer and crime books, some by John Douglass a former FBI Profiler.

Getting into the head of these dark and dangerous characters can be fun, but scary at times. In my own writing, I can come up with twisted characters, think I'm going way too far, then see on the news that there is someone even worse out there. It's sick, really, that we as humans keep coming back to read these nasty, awful books and watch these shows and movies over and over again when it actually happens all over the world.

Why is that?

Death is all around us. Many of us suffered the loss of a loved one early on only to realize that it's a never ending aspect to life. When people are taken away for horrific and unimaginable
reasons we always want to know why. In fiction, it's easy to give the reader a why and a who. Give them closure at the end of the book, show, movie, and leave them satisfied that some sense of justice was served.

For me, it's all about catching the killer in the end. Not necessarily the whole good vs. evil situation, but seeing how and why the bad guys get caught. The investigating, forensics, interrogations, profiling, etc is a process that actually works and in reality, keeps us all safer in the end.

I love the chase. I love piecing the clues together. I love trying to figure out why they did it almost as much as how.

I've yet to take on the serial killer aspect in my writing with a slight exception to Lucky. I don't actually see her as a serial killer, though assassins certainly have many of the characteristics, thankfully, in Lucky's case, not the same motivation.

Crime is bad. Period. But...several of the top TV shows are crime related. Many of the books in the best sellers list are crime or murder related. People are always dying in the movies!

So I guess it's not just me after all?

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