April 1, 2011

TV Recap!

I know the week isn't over, but it was a fun week in TV. Let's recap.

Monday: No Hawaii 5-o or Gossip Girl, but The Event was on. Don't know if you're watching this show, but it's pretty good. It also pisses me off because I'm convinced someone was watching Ancient Aliens and decided to write a TV show about it. Why? Because I'm writing something similar! This always happens to me! When I wrote Time Healers way back in the day, a Disney show with a similar premise was being shopped around. When writing Lucky, girl assassin movies started popping up. So why not this idea too? Figures. I have no luck with trends. I try to start them, but someone who's more popular or famous gets on it. Grr.

Tuesday: No Glee (sigh), Haven't watched No Ordinary Family yet, but I think it's being canceled. My bro is pissed. Superhero shows aren't doing well, still. Don't know why. It's a great show! Heroes 2.0 Family Style.

Biggest Loser: I still watch this. Need the inspiration! I love Courtney. I hope she wins it. I was so scared she was going home. I also think they need to stop doing couples. It's hard to see your family & friends go...easier to send home someone you don't love to death.

Wednesday: Survivor had the BEST challenge this week. I was on the edge of my seat! The "older" tribe gets on my nerves. Boston Rob is still the man and Phil cracks me up. Survivor is a great place for characters. You get all kinds of people you can hijack. I'll never stop watching it if it's on. Tally-Ho Jeff!

Criminal Minds: I have a bad feeling about Reid. I hope that means Jane Lynch will be back again as his mother. She's great! Glad Morgan is all up in his biz-ness. He needs a friend. Still don't like the blond chick, but oh well, I'll live. I don't think they will ever let Garcia & Morgan get together. It's such a shame, they are seriously amazing together and one of the main reason I still love this show so much. I'm watching the spin-off too, but it's not as great.

L&O SVU: So glad I get to watch this show again. Benson & Stabler will always be my favorite cops on TV. Loved last weeks when they went to the swingers club. This week was pretty good too. Kinda creepy though.

American Idol: ELTON JOHN WEEK! What could be better? He's my #1 Favorite Singer of ALL TIME! Long story. I liked Naima's version, not sure why the judges didn't. My Favorite three are still rocking: Lauren, James & Casey. And I was VERY surprised with Halley. She rocked it. She bugs me for some reason, but she always brings it home. Pia is an amazing singer, probably has the best voice out of all of them, but she doesn't *POP* for me. She'll make it a few more rounds I'm sure.

Thursday: Big Bang, always good for a laugh. The Bat'leth (yes, that's the correct spelling, sue me I'm a Trekkie) was hilarious! I don't like Priya anymore. I'm a firm believer that ex's can stay friends and should. It's healthier.

AI Results: Not too happy, but they'd be going eventually anyway. Lauren & Scotty sounds wonderful together!

CSI: I'm dying for Grissom to come back. I still love the chemistry between the cast, especially Greg, he's come a long way.

Mentalist: No Red John stuff this week, but poor Wayne. I feel for him. I was starting to think the doctor was going to be tied to Red John, guess not.

I believe there is a new Fringe on tonight. Thank goodness. I'm going through Supernatural and Smallville withdrawal. UGH

What are you watching that you love??


Anonymous said...

Okay, we have a DVR. Our favorite home appliance but we don't let the dishwasher know.
TB-Re-Capped due to extensive end of the regualr season live Hockey Schedlue; The Event, Top Chef Finale, The Mentalist, Amazing Race and Robin Hood.
We'll be busy catching up this weekend between games :)

Jenn Nixon said...

Thanks for stopping by! I don't know who you are though!! Leave your name next time! xoxo