July 14, 2011


Tomorrow is the release day for Chance of a Storm! Woot! I've been super busy, so there's no blog tour this time. But never fear! I'm going to run a contest on my blogs tomorrow and maybe even a guest blog or two.

I'm working on a press release now! Fun.

So, make sure you come back tomorrow and check out the contest details.

In the meantime, here's a little tease for you:

“I need to talk to the general,” Veronica said, her back straightening, detached eyes focusing beyond him to the door.
     “Do you want me to go with you?” Mason asked. She shook her head and stood up. She grabbed her head as her legs buckled. He jumped to his feet, caught her before she fell. “Easy.”
     Veronica melted against him, arms stretching around his waist, taking hold. She trembled and buried her face in his chest. Mason died a little more when she tilted her head up. He brushed the silky dark hair to reveal her brilliant blue eyes. So much emotion hidden behind those eyes: pain, anger, and the slight flicker of fear. He needed to learn more so he could do more. “I wanted to call you, to explain…”
     “I’m here.” Her hands slid up his back as she pressed her body flush to his. Mason cupped her face. “Don’t have to worry about that now.”
     She moved her hands to his chest. “I’ve missed you.” That was all the encouragement his body needed to react. She stretched her arms up and around his neck, elongating her luscious body on his. Veronica’s eyes widened when his pelvis crushed her, a wild smirk laced her mouth. “Missed that too…”
     Mason couldn’t hold her any longer without tasting her. He dipped his head, angled her chin and tenderly brushed his lips to hers.
     “Roni!” the general shouted from the hall. She broke from his embrace, cursing under her breath. “Where are you?”
     With hands balled into fists, she stomped past him, grunting the entire time. He followed.
     “What?” she spat when she reached the hall.
     “Why aren’t you—” The general glared at Mason. His whole body tensed. “You. Get the hell out of my house!”
     “Dad!” Veronica screeched, whipping her head back and straight-arming Mason’s chest. Good thing too, he was ready to pounce, father or not. He was tired of the general’s attitude and the way he spoke to people. Veronica, however, intervened. “He’s staying or we’re both going, end of story. Storm already helped me remember some shit, and I was coming to tell you.”
     “Don’t threaten me, Roni,” he grunted through a tight jaw.
     “Ultimatum, not a threat. You know the difference, General,” she said, removing her hand from his chest and placing both on her hips as she stared up at her father. “Now, do you want to know what I remember or not?”
     He frowned. “Yes.”

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