November 24, 2011

Q & A Thursday with Tanya Contois

Today's Q&A Interview is with Tanya Contois!

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What is the worst thing you’ve written, how did you learn or know it was bad, and what did you learn from it?

Hmm.. I know I've written things that were terrible in high school but I can't remember what any of the stories were about now lol. I'd have to say that what I took away from those stories was how to take criticisms without letting it ruin my whole day.

Why did you start writing and when did you decide to go professional?

I've always been good at writing but I didn't start writing professionally until this past March or April when I submitted a short story to be considered for an urban legend anthology.

Do you write in more than one genre? Which ones and which do you like the best?

I've only written stories in two genres - paranormal and horror but I am open to trying other genres in the future especially if it means I gain more readers. My favorite genres are a tie between fantasy and horror.

Do you read other author’s books when you’re writing? If so, do you read the same genre or something different?

I haven't done much reading the last couple of weeks because things have been insanely busy so the answer would be no. That may change once I have more works finished.

What is the most difficult part of the entire writing process for you? Queries, pitches, editing..etc.

 The most difficult part for me is writing the interactions between the characters because I don't want anything to come across as forced to the readers.

If you could have the same type of career as any author currently publishing who would it be and why?

If I could have a similar career to any author today I would definitely want it to be like Amanda Hocking because she is a very talented writer who is going to be around for a long time.

Wicked Little Lies

Jocelyn has just turned 18 but instead of having the big celebration she was looking forward to for so long she finds out that not only is she not fully human but the people who raised her aren’t her real parents. Instead of staying to listen to her parents’ explanation she takes off and ends up going to live with her biological parents Jacoby and Adeline. Jocelyn quickly makes new friends and gains a potential boyfriend named Sonny but things are far from safe when Kane, another cambion makes his presence known.  Now Jocelyn is left with many questions but few answers. What does the future hold for her and will she end up with Sonny? Only time will tell.

Tanya Contois was born in Worcester, Massachusetts. After living in a few different small towns she moved back to Worcester in 2008. In 2010 she created the Facebook page All Things Books and the blog All Things Books Tanya Contois got her first taste of success when a short story she wrote was chosen to be in an anthology to be published by Firefly and Wisp publishers. In October 2011 she signed with Trestle Press and is currently working on Wicked Little Lies and a full length novel titled Cloaked in Darkness.

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