May 30, 2012

Dear TV Network PTB...

Dear TV Network Powers That Be,

You suck.

My friends will tell you that I say the same damn thing every summer: "I'm not watching any new TV shows this year." I have yet to actually follow through on said threat, but this Fall 2012, I promise you, I will not be watching ANY new shows from Series Premier to Season Finale.

I will admit, upfront, I may watch an episode or two of a show if people are talking about it, just to see if I am interested, but after what you ALL did to me this year, you can all go screw. I will wait until next summer to watch.


Like you seriously need to ask...

Not only did you cancel 4 really awesome shows that I was watching. You canceled 7 other shows that weren't half bad, a few of which I was planning on watching over the summer in repeats, like I currently am doing for The Vampire Diaries.

Did you know that over 9 Million people watched the Series Premier of Terra Nova. Over the course of the entire season it averaged 7 Million people. WTF is wrong with you people? I would KILL to have .05 percent of those people buy one of my damn books and you canceled it?

TV Network PTB, do you realize that people are watching TV on Demand and on Hulu way more than they have been in the last five years? Do you know that there are some people out there who wait for the season to be over and buy the DVD's so they can watch it over the course of a weekend with their friends and family? Do you do ANY research online when canceling a show to see how many rabid fans you have out there?

I  assume the answer is no because obviously you're not putting shows on TV for the viewers, you're looking for the shows that will bring in the most money from commercials. Well, what's going to happen 5 years from now when no one is watching any Network shows because they're watching cable shows (which also have better track records & low cancellations) or just plain stopped watching new shows because they are as fed up as I am. How much damn money are you going to continue to waste on 20-26 episodes of an untested show, just to pull it off halfway through?

I started watching several shows in seasons 2-3. LOST, How I Met Your Mother, and I started watching Revenge after about 7 or 8 episodes had aired.

I bet you that if GCB or Awake had been given a second season, they would have blown up in the ratings. Why? Because people were talking about the shows and they were good shows. And more importantly, great characters.

Viewers want to love the characters they are watching. They want to be the character, or marry him, or be friends with him, or kick him in the nuts if he's the bad guy, but I can tell you, for certain, that people will not watch a show if they don't like any of the characters.

I've even watched shows that I didn't think were the greatest simply because of one character in the show. I'm sure others have as well.

So, TV Network PTB, take your Beauty & The Beast (Are you serious?), your Mob Doctor (eye roll), your Made in Jersey (Really?), your 666 Park Ave (Shame on you John Locke), and your Animal Practice (just weird), and pitch them to some other crazy TV fan. I'm done.

I will NOT go all fan girl for any new shows this fall.

I will NOT tell  my mother and my friends that they NEED to watch so-and-so show.

I will NOT include any new shows in my awesome-fantastic-TV Recap blogs.

I will NOT Tweet or FB any new shows as way of promoting them to others.

You've lost this fan girl for a season.

I will stick to the shows I have. I will watch some older shows on Netflix. I'll check out more BBC shows. Sure, they seem to kill off characters often, but they don't pander to their audience and force show after show down your throat, hoping one of them sticks. Shorter seasons, great characters, and people seem to keep coming back for more.

Maybe you can learn something from them, if not from me...

No love for you,


Christine Rains said...

Yeah! You tell 'em! I'm not going to watch anything new either. Silly ideas for this coming season. I adore BBC shows. Sometimes I end up talking in a British accent, but I'm okay with that.

Beatleboy said...

Don't mince words, Jenn. How do you really feel? :-)

Jenn Nixon said...

@Christine, have you watched Primeval? Loved that one too!! BBC All the way!

@Beatleboy, you know me, I have to say something. This blog post has been festering in my belly for about a month. LOL

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching commercial TV in the late 90s. Don't regret it one bit.

Jill Pavel said...

Don't hold back. Let them have it. I have a feeling if you talked to your television it would actually speak back to you! xo

Jenn Nixon said...

I do talk to the TV. I'm usually alone though so no one can see. LOL