May 4, 2012

Jenn's "Before the end of the season TV Show Commentary"

I’ll be the first to admit that it doesn’t take much to entertain me. However, I do get bored easily and will give up on a TV show if it pisses me off or doesn’t grab me week after week with something new and exciting.

I’ve said it every new season: “I’m not watching any new shows this year!”

Well, that was before I had a day job and had way too much time on my hands.

Instead of doing the days I’ll do the networks this time. Because I know you’ve all been dying to hear what I think about the new and old shows I’ve been watching. LOL

Castle: One of the few Cop-Procedural shows I still watch. I know, that was all I used to watch, right? I’m curious, am I the only one who doesn’t want Castle & Beckett to get together? Screw her. She gets shot, he says I love you, and then ignores him for how long? I don’t care what your issues are. That’s just wrong. Castle deserves better. But the promo doesn’t look to be in my favor. And I don’t think their chemistry is as good as it was in the first season.

GCB: I honestly didn’t think I would like this show. I only watched it because I adore Kristin, and I’m so glad that I did. It’s funny without being preachy. The characters are so colorful and straddle the gray line so much you never know which way they’re going to go. I think the premise is great, how many mean girls would YOU love to get back at…and would you if they’ve changed into a better person? Good stuff.

Once Upon A Time: LOVE THIS SHOW!! First, all the “other world” stuff is so pretty. I want half the costumes I’ve seen. I do enjoy how they put a nice twist to all the fairy tale stories we’ve grown up with. It got a little draggy for me and I’m not sure where it’s going, but it’s a keeper in my book.

Revenge: Ah, what can I say about this show that hasn’t been said? Probably not much. It’s like a less cheesy version of a soap opera mixed with the intrigue of a good old fashion mystery. I have a feeling that the second season will be killer in more ways than one. I just hope they don’t go too overboard.

Scandal: I wanted to watch this because Desmond was in it and I loved the teaser trailer where Olivia says “My Gut Is Never Wrong” with utter conviction that I totally believed her. The first episode sucked me right in. I do love a show that can pull off two stories at once. The main story with the President, then something new each week to keep it fresh. Good stuff.


Awake: Another show I watched for the actor. Who doesn’t love Mr. Malfoy? His American accent is pretty good, right? Oh and BD Wong is in it. I LOVE HIM!! Anyway, this is a very interesting show with a strange concept. A man gets into a car accident and when he wakes up he’s stuck in two worlds, one where his wife is alive and the other where his son is alive. Both sides are connected though, in some weird mind trippy kinda way. I have two theories. The son side is the real side or both are fake and he’s in a coma. Not sure it’s going to make it to another season, so I hope they don’t leave me hanging like Fox did with Terra Nova. Bastards.

Grimm: Although it may seem similar to Once Upon A Time, it is quite different. I do love the chemistry between Nick and Monroe. I knew from their first scene together that this show would be great. The middle of the season got a bit draggy too but the last few have kicked it up a notch and I’m excited to see what they do for the season finale.

Smash: It’s sad but true, I will watch just about ANY show that has singing in it. Yes, I tortured myself with Cop Rock back in the day. Ugh. Smash still needs a little something to keep things interesting, I think maybe all the villains are turning out to be too nice now. Though Ellis was the worst villain ever. I kinda like him on Team Ivy now.


Big Bang Theory: Sheldon. Enuff said.

Criminal Minds: Morgan & Garcia are so awesome together. They need to have a spinoff where they open up a detective agency.

Hawaii 5-O: Nothing overly exciting about this show this season. The whole Shelburn thing is a little overcooked, but it’s a good cop show with pretty men and women to look at, and it’s main characters have amazing chemistry.

How I Met Your Mother: It took me two months, but I was able to catch up to the new season and I’m really glad I did. I love this show. I love Barney. I love Marshall too-I want to marry him.

The Mentalist: Patrick Jane still cracks me up. I do enjoy a procedural with humor and this one is probably the best out of all of them.

Person of Interest: Ben & Jesus are still helping people in NYC and now they have two cop friends helping them out. The back story about the “Machine” has been creeping in here and there and it looks like we’ll get some more information about that soon. My BFF still has a problem with John’s lack of emotions, but I honestly think it fits his character well. Though, eventually, he’ll need to lighten up. Hope Jim the actor can cut it. J

Survivor: Tarzan should win.

Unforgettable: I already forgot about it.


Alcatraz: Stopped watching, got bored.

Bones: Starting to get bored, but I do love the Jeffersonian team, especially Hodges. He cracks me up.

The Finder: Watched a couple, interesting show. Love Mr. Duncan, but I don’t think it’s gonna make it.

Fringe: This is probably one of the best Sci-Fi shows on TV and NO ONE is watching it! I know, Sci-Fi is hard for some people, and this show is very tricky and carefully plotted so there’s a lot to remember and many clues to look out for, but they cover just about every Sci-Fi aspect and even some real Science stuff that most people don’t seem to care about. Ah well. One more season, and I’m sure it’ll be the best yet.

Glee: I enjoyed the addition of the Glee Project kids. That Damien (Rory) is SO cute, my goodness. Some very powerful episodes this year about bullying, suicide, texting, and abuse. I seriously wish this show was on when I was a kid and hope future generations watch it when they’re old enough to understand it.

New Girl: Yes, I know another comedy. What is happening to me? I can tell you, awesome actors I love are doing TV! Woot. About time. Love you Zooey!

Touch: Ah, Kiefer. I will watch anything you are in, always. I was iffy about this show too, but after crying my eyes out to the first few episodes, I knew I’d stick with it. Yes, it can be a little predictable, but that’s okay, it’s a show with so much heart that I don’t mind when I figure out the connections early.


Gossip Girl: This is like the original, teenybopper version of Revenge without the revenge. It hasn’t lost me yet, probably because of the whole Chuck Bass story line, but really….Blair & Dan? Boring. Thankfully Nate is really growing on me.

Supernatural: Some say they’ve jumped the shark, I say Bah! It’s still a fun show. I will say I was pissed when they got rid of Cass & Bobby, and still think it’s kinda shitty what they are doing to both those characters but then again, the show started with just Dean & Sam, and I have a feeling that’s how it will end.
The Secret Circle: Started watching this one for Gale Howard and Thomas Dekker (OMG he’s so cute too!) Kept watching it because I like witchy stuff and teenybooper shows apparently. LOL It’s actually not a bad show, same writers from Vamp Diaries, which I haven’t watched yet this season because of scheduling conflicts. But I’ll catch that one over the summer.

Other Shows:

LOST GIRL (SciFi): This show is from Canada. The main character is a Succubus who had no idea what she was until she fell into the Fae World and learned she was supposed to be on a “side” Light or Dark. But Bo is a tough girl and gave both sides the finger and decided to use her awesome skills to help people. She has a great sidekick, though I hate using that word because Kenzi is fantastic in her own right and I love the lines she cracks. I laugh every episode.  

Ancient Aliens: Bigfoot is an alien? The Dinosaurs were killed by aliens to make way for humans? They Greys may be our ancestors? What’s not to love about this show?

Pawn Stars: I still look forward to this show whenever it’s on. You really can learn something!

Ax Men: Shelby. That is all.

Being Human UK: The first episode of the season reallllllllly pissed me off. They BBC’d two of the main characters. For those who don’t know, I’m trying to coin the term BBC’d. No, not big black *cough* you dirty people, BBC’d means a Main character is killed off your fave TV show before their time or abruptly or at all I guess. I started using this term about a year ago after watching so many characters get killed off of BBC shows way before I thought they should have. Anyway. After they BBC’d the two  main characters that I loved, they try to force these other characters on me in the same damn episode! I was MAD. I proclaimed never to watch again. But my damn DVR recorded it anyway. So I watched the second episode. Okay, it wasn’t bad. Then Mr. Weasly showed up. Then it got really interesting with a time-traveling ghost. Then Mycroft Holmes shows up. Then they FINALLY BBC’d Annie. She annoyed the snot outta me. It’s weird, but I like the new cast now. Guess I’ll keep watching. It still puts the US show to shame. Sorry.


Okay. Deep breath. I think it comes back soon. It’s okay though, I have some great summer shows to watch like So You Think You Can Dance, Warehouse 13, Suits, Drop Dead Diva…and more.

Wow, I really watch too much TV.

What Season Finale are you excited for??


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