June 22, 2012

Fun Facts Friday

I think I'm already running out of things people don't know about me. See, I'm not one of those hush-hush celebrities. Oh, wait, I'm not a celebrity! Ah, maybe one day.

Hope you enjoy round three of Fun Facts Friday!

#1 I love being barefoot! It may also be the reason I don't have many shoes.Yes, girls, it's true, I do not have a shoe collection nor have I ever owned more than 10 pairs of shoes at a time. I do have a couple cools pairs of shoes and boots, and a pair of sneakers....

#2 I was once a semi-finalist in a regional Karaoke contest. Before I became a writer, I wanted to be a singer. I'm pretty good, not the best, but I enjoy it. Anyway, the day of the big competition, I messed up my words because I got there late and couldn't practice and the version I sang was different than the one I was used to singing. :-(

#3 My favorite number is three.

#4 I snort when I laugh really hard. My brother told me to tell you this one, but...it is true. I've noticed that people have different levels of laughter. There can be up to 5 different levels. When I snort, it's level 4. Level 5 makes me sound like a little giggle machine. Sorta like Anderson Cooper:

#5 I traveled to Scotland and England all by my lonesome in 2001. I love every single minute of it, and hope I get to go back one day soon with a stop off in Wales and Ireland too. I love looking at old architecture, especially castles. I took some awesome pictures too! 


Christine Rains said...

I'd love to travel by myself. That sounds like such a wonderful experience. Have a great weekend!

Lindsey R. Loucks said...

I travelled by myself once. It was great fun, though a little nerve-wracking. I'd love to go to Scotland!

Jenn Nixon said...

Thanks for stopping by guys, I really appreciate it!!

Abigail-Madison Chase said...