July 6, 2012

Fun Facts Friday

You guys really have no idea how hard this is for me to come up with things that people probably don't know about me. I'm kinda indecisvice with certain things but I also consider myself a very open person. So, let's see if I can get to five!

1. I was almost a hunter. When I was a pre-Teen, my father tried to get me interested in hunting. While I admit I loved shooting the guns, the thought of killing an animal didn't appeal to me. Granted, we ate anything my father hunted and brought home but I have since lost my tastes for game-y foods, so the only thing I really miss now is the guns.

2. I'm a dog person. I love and respect all animals (see above) and my favorite non-pet type of animal is a penguin. However, I love dogs. Love them! Dog People treat their dogs like kids 90% of the time. Me, personally, I sing to my dogs, talk to them when no one else is around (so I don't have to talk to myself anymore), and love it when they lick my face. Yes, I know. Most people go YUCK. You're not a real dog person then.

3. I started keeping a Diary at age 13. I kept up with it for the most part up until a couple of years ago when I started blogging. For Teenaged Jenn, writing in my diary was cathartic. It was the one place I wasn't judged, lied to, picked on, yelled at, or treated like a kid. I haven't gone back recently to read some of those old entries, but the last time I did, I kinda felt bad for that Teenage Jenn, she was very sad but kinda funny too. Such drama for a 16 year old! One day I may use those old writings for a memoir or something.

4. I do not like the summer. Apropos I guess, right? Mind you, when I was heavier I REALLY hated summer because when you are overweight in the summer it's torture. When I lost the weight, I thought I would like summer more because I wouldn't be as hot. WRONG! I do love the feel of the sun on my skin. I love the early morning sunrises. I love being on the water in a boat or in the water swimming. I do not love humidity. I do not love sweating. I do not love sunburn. The only good thing about summer, for me, is the thunder & lightning storms!

The Rising Force by Dave Wolverton (1999...5. I'm a pack rat. I have my Cabbage Patch Kids and other toys from the 80's. I have years worth of EW magazines. I have a container full of cassette tapes. I have 1000+ DVDs. I have a chest full of baseball, movie, and other collectible cards. I still have every single book I've purchased for myself since the 1990's. With the rare exception of my own novels, I have never re-read a book. I plan on doing that when I'm older and want to be nostalgic about my youth. :-) One of my collections is the Jedi Apprentice Series from Scholastic. I really loved these books. They were short and for kids, but  they were the inspiration for me to start writing so they will always have a special place in my heart. You can't purchase new ones anymore and I once saw the collection on Ebay for 100+ bucks. So, I'm hanging onto these babies!

Happy Friday Friends!!


Irene said...

I'm more into pistols than rifles. It's cool to hit a target, just as long as the target isn't moving.
What would I do with a dead deer?

Do you have other secrets, Jenn?

Jenn Nixon said...

I don't care what kind of gun it is, I just like to shoot them. Haven't in a while. Sad.

I have some secrets. And they shall remain so. LOL

Penelope Marzec said...

I hate the heat. Sixty degrees is nice. Ninety degrees is brutal.

I don't like guns--except for water guns,which are great on a hot day.

Jenn Nixon said...

Water guns are great in the summer!!

25interestingfacts said...

To be very true I just love to play with guns but there are very Weird Facts behind it Everyday I seem to find more reasons to be ashamed of saying I grew up and know about the true responsibilities of human.