July 20, 2012

Fun Facts Friday

Took off last week, so let's see if I can get to five again today!

#1. I love hats! I don't have a huge collection right now because I'm kinda broke, but if I had money, I'd have a huge hat collection instead of a shoe collection. I currently have about 7 or 8 hats. They are mostly painter cap types with a few ball caps, my favorite two are the Indiana Jones Fedora (Decorative only) and my awesome new bowler hat that I got for Christmas last year from the BFF. This year I asked for a Deer-Stalker. Hope I get one!

#2 I believe in Aliens. I know, I know, kind of a given right? But hey, some people may not know that about me. Recently, I've been fixated on the whole Ancient Astronaut theory. The theory is that aliens have been coming to Earth since, well, forever, and have helped Humans along via DNA, Technology, and even in a  Religious/Spiritual nature. While I don't necessarily believe ALL of the theory, there are some part of it that make total sense to me and seem more likely than one all powerful being responsible for the vastness of the universe. Then again, you never know right?

#3 I have a weird fascination for serial killers. I don't approve of them. I don't think they are cool or should be glorified by any stretch of the imagination. I've read a bunch of non-fiction books about serial killers, watch just about any movie or TV show that has something to do with serial killers, and really, really want to write my own book about a serial killer one of these days. Gary Cole is playing a serial killer in a Lifetime movie this weekend. I have it set to record. Cole is creepy on his own, as a serial killer, he's going to be amazing.

#4 I'm very sentimental. I seriously cried all the way through Beauty & The Beast when it first came out on DVD back about 10+ years ago. I love connecting with old friends online and seeing how they're doing. I often think about people that I've lost touch with, are no longer friends with, or just plain don't like me anymore. Some Hallmark commercials have made me cry and did I tell you I cried like six times while watching A Dolphin's Tale? It's true. I did.

#5 I am unable to chose between Superman and Batman. I love them both.


Hannah said...

Lovely post, I love your writing, Jenn

Penelope Marzec said...

I get all choked up reading Hallmark cards in the card shop. I can't watch the commercials because every one is a tear-jerker.

But while I sniff in the card shop, hubby laughs. He finds all the funny cards and laughs out loud. What a pair we are!

Jenn Nixon said...

LOL Penny, I hear ya! Thanks for stopping by guys!