August 15, 2012

Reading with a writer's eye...not always fun.

There was a time when I would read book after book after book. On one of my "vacations" in the early 90's when I still lived at home, I spent three days in the back yard reading books. I remember two of the them still to this day, Stephen King's It and John Grisham's The Client.

I once had a crap ton of authors on my "Must Buy" list. These days, not so much, because sadly, some of my all time favorite writers have gotten sloppy, lazy, and predictable.

I've been learning the "rules" of writing for about 12 years now. They have made me a better writer. They have also made me a fickle reader.

Take for instance this whole 50 Shades nonsense. I've yet to talk to one author who got through the whole book, let alone all three. I read the first two paragraphs on the free Kindle read and that's it.

I get extremely annoyed when I see authors breaking the rules I've been told repeatedly not to break or...if you do break them, good luck getting published! I won't get into it because authors know what I'm talking about, everyone else probably doesn't care...but how do you turn off that writer brain when you are reading?

I have a very, very hard time doing that and I've noticed my enjoyment of reading has dwindled the last five years or so. Perhaps it's that disgruntled/jealous part of my brain that can't stand reading something that's so popular but poorly written knowing I've slaved over the same manuscript for years trying to make it perfect...which it can rarely ever be to begin with.

So, writers, how do you get beyond this issues and go back to reading for enjoyment again? Readers, do you ever get annoyed with a writer's lazy or bad  writing and give up on them completely?

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