December 5, 2012

Mid Season TV Finale Recap - Jenn Style

Do you remember, way back in the day, you know 1985 or so, when TV shows started in September and ended in June? Kinda like school.

Well, there was this one popular Prime Time show in the 1990's that decided to do a summer season. Yes, that's right, you can all blame 90210 for the Summer TV Season. Though, in my opinion we should thank them. Some of my Summer TV Shows are sneakily making the transition to Prime Time due to the networks even sneakier Mid-Season TV show Debuts.

Anyway, I'm not really doing to talk about that. I'm going to talk about the shows!

Here are a few that have already taken their break for the Holiday Season with awesome WINTER/MID-SEASON FINALES!

I'm going to do a new format. 1. Why I started watching 2. Why I'm still watching and 3. What I liked most about it so far this season.

The Walking Dead
1. Zombies on TV, duh.
2. It's so gross and pure escapism.
3. Carl and Darryl make this show for me. I hate Andrea now. I didn't like her, then I loved her, now she annoys me, but it's realistic in a sense because they have her shielded away. The Governor is so bad it's good.

Once Upon A Time
1. Live Action Disney Fairytale Show? I've been hankering for something like this since Annie Leibovitz did her Disney photos in 2007
2. The characters are plentiful and familiar with nice twists on some of them and the story is evolving well.
3. Neal & Hook. Though I have a feeling Neal may be Balefire and just doesn't remember...

1. I started watching this one because everyone was talking about it.
2. It's like Gossip Girl meets Days of Our Lives...and since GG is done this year and I don't watch Days anymore, this is a nice girlie replacement for me.
3. Aiden, Aiden, Aiden. I love a man with an accent...

1. It's about a writer who works with the cops.
2. Castle and Esposito, I love them!
3. I love a show that pokes fun at itself and it's actors. The Sci-Fi themed episode! Hilarious. The wacky episodes are my favorites.

I think that's it for last week. This week I'll have a bunch more Mid-Season Finales to go through. What are you watching?


Larry Payne said...

Revolution is the only one that I watch that's officially on hiatus. I really like this show. But I don't know if going on hiatus until March will benefit the show. Putting a new show on extended hiatus like that could hurt the viewership and that would be sad.

Jenn Nixon said...

I watched the first episode, loved it. Maybe I'll catch up during hiatus!