March 9, 2015

Special Guest @YasminFazli!

Today's Special guest is Yasmin Fazli, sharing the cover and blurb from her new release!

Will of Hope
Acryen, book 1

Her hope shall breed true strength against all that is lost


Elle Carlton hasn't seen light in nearly eight years...until now. When faced with the chance to find Kaleb, her missing love, there's nothing she won't do. Her determination knows no bounds except one: he's not on Earth. Elle will have to leave everything she knows, and embark on a perilous journey from our world to Acryen--a realm where nothing is as it seems and truths are lost in all the lies. 

In a land where dragons once ruled, magic is the ultimate weapon and kingdoms are on the brink of war. Prophecies are coming to life, and creatures unlike any other are emerging from the shadows. Elle only desires one thing: to find Kaleb. But, what she doesn't know is Acryen has its own plan, and you can not fight what's already been written.

Yasmin Fazli is an undergraduate college student studying biology to one day fulfill her dream of being a doctor. Little did she know, the small stories she used to write in middle school and high school developed into another dream she couldn't live without. In the beginning of her senior year of high school, the idea of Will of Hope, her first novel, was born. It took on a life of its own, and it turned into something she couldn't put aside. When she finished, she was so in love with the story and how the characters grew that she felt the need to share the happiness it brought with everyone and anyone. Still living the life of a college student, Yasmin works in a research lab, is apart of Delta Gamma, and fills her life with snowboarding, reading, and hanging out with her friends.

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