September 23, 2015

2015 TV Pilot Recap #1


You know what that means. TV Time is here!! I probably say this every year, but I'm super excited about the shows this year, new and returning. So let's dive right into the pilot recap.


Blindspot - Aside from Legends of Tomorrow I've been looking forward to this show the most since seeing the teaser. Not only are Sullivan and Jaimie beautiful to look at - (really, her eyes are just amazing) - the cast as a whole, so far, has great chemistry. I can see the "Female Jason Bourne" thing and I know they need to market it to make people interested, but the only thing they have in common is the amnesia and ability to kick freaking ass. I will not spoil it for anyone, but they are giving us bits and pieces of answer much faster than I expected, which can be a good thing, provided they have enough mystery to filter through the whole season. (Pop Culture Side Note: AJ needs to shave his beard. #SaveTheEmpire)

Minority Report - I went into this one with low expectations considering what they did to Almost Human, a very similar and kinda awesome futuristic buddy cop procedural. Fox screwed themselves on that one by messing up the order and bumping it, etc, so I honestly didn't want to like Minority Report. But I did. I liked the way they used the future tech to advanced the story - selfie drone? Hilarious. I really am tired of watching procedural cop shows, but I may check this one out again the leads have great chemistry and I don't think they'll try to romance them for now. (Pop Culture Side Note: Simpson 75th Season HA!)


Scream Queens - Two reason I decided to watch this, because we all know Jenn doesn't really care for horror, was Jamie Lee (duh) and Ryan Murphy. I was a big fan of Glee but couldn't get into ASH so this was his mash up of both. It works. I think. I'm not quite sure what this show is supposed to be because it's so weird and off center which make it interesting at the very least. I love when actors play against their usual "type" like Jamie does in this show. She's so awesome, I will probably continue to watch just to see what comes out of her mouth next. LOL The cast is amazing and fun with great chemistry and again. I already have my pick for the killer, so we'll see if it stays the same. I'm still not sure if that Killer Tweet moment was super funny or really really sad. (Pop Culture Side Note: Teens who loved Twilight are now going to college!)

Limitless - Another procedural - movie continuation. Another decent pilot. Although I did enjoy this show I don't think I'll watch it on a regular basis right now. Unless I'm bored. While the cast is fantastic and I did really like everything about it, it just feels like every other procedural out there with a decent but not big enough twist for me. It's good to see Jennifer Carpenter again, but she's still playing a cop. Meh. Boring. (Pop Culture Side Note: Bradly Cooper and Ron Rifkin together again. I miss Alias.)

So what did you watch? What did you love?

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