September 30, 2015

TV Pilot Recap (sorta) #2

Well this idea was a big fat bust. LOL I thought I would try to watch a few extra pilots this year, but after the last two I just suffered through, I gave up. Besides, Supergirl is the only other pilot out there that hasn't aired yet this year (and maybe My Crazy Ex Girlfriend) and I've already seen it twice.

Here's my take on the last three:

Rosewood (Fox) - Aside from Morris Chestnut being super hot, there's not much to this show that I haven't seen a thousand times on every other procedural show. As soon as he started going all Sherlocky in the first ten mins, I was rolling my eyes. Then the info dump of characters came next. Meh. I made it halfway through before losing interest and turning it off.

The Player (NBC) - The first fifteen minutes of this show was awesome. I was starting to get mad at myself for liking it because I had a feeling I wouldn't so I kept watching and then BAM! They ruined it with this gambling on crime nonsense. Personally, I think the show would've been way better if he stayed a private security contractor. Shame, Winchester is a good actor.

Quantico (NBC) - I'm not sure about this one yet, but I will be watching episode two. I have my preliminary pick for the terrorist, but I'm not sure about the acting. Some of it comes off as cheesy to me, but it's a good, interesting mystery and it will not be following a procedural formula, rather a flahsback-present day formula which could be interesting.

I may watch Dr. Ken, because he's hilarious, but I don't think I'll be watching many more pilots.

I'll do a TV Season Premier blog soon!

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