July 12, 2016

#SYTYCD ruined my summer! :-(

This is the first summer in about 12 years where I find myself a little sad. One of my all time favorite summer shows was So You Think You Can Dance. From the first episode of the first season, I was hooked. While I love to dance, I'm no professional. When the music is good, my body just moves. Even when I'm sitting in my damn car. LOL

The moment they announced this current season of SYTYCD would feature kids under 15, I thought it was a joke. It wasn't. Sadly, the producers and showrunners and powers that be at Fox decided to take away the one good thing they had on their damn channel over the summer and totally screw it up.

I always looked forward to Nigel being dirty toward the dancers like the big perv that he is. Now, it's so much creepier, I can't even.

I always looked forward to seeing powerful, sensual, heartfelt, thought-provoking dances to new songs that were just released within the last year or songs by other artists that I'd never even heard of. This year, nope. Sorry, there's no way a 10-year-old kid can emote like the older dancers.

I always looked forward to seeing the group dance numbers and the All Stars and to see which choreographers would be showcasing that week. Now? It's just...weird.

I always looked forward to seeing what Cat would wear and how she would fawn over and support all the dancers, which was always so adorable.

Now, my heart has a big, fat, dance-shaped hole and I think I'll just have to go to youtube and find some videos of old dances to watch. Like these two. Probably my all time favorites.

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