July 15, 2016

To the Body Shamer who responded to my online dating ad...

You, yeah, you. You know who you are. I highly doubt if you will ever see this, but you're an asshole and what's wrong with this world. And you are SO lucky that I'm not going to put your picture up here with your name.

So, here it goes...

Dear Asshole,

Your mansplaining to me how to lose weight and what to say or not to say when it comes to online dating gave me and my friends online a good laugh.

I just wonder, what made you respond to me in the first place? I clearly and specifically stated that I am a curvy girl and even listed my clothing size because us girls know that matters most to some men. Not intelligence or compassion or passion or humor or honesty or loyalty, dress & bra size. (Thanks media!)

Did you message me and send me your picture hoping that I'd slim down a size by the time I responded?

Do you think I shower or put on my clothes in the dark because the way you explain weight loss to me, I must have never once tried it in the 40+ years I've been on this fucking planet.

Did I hurt your feelings so much with my message back to you about how much of an asshole you were that you felt the need to write back TWO THREE more times?

You are a sad, sad little man if you think that your "advice" to a complete stranger is something that is welcomed. It's not. Move along. Get a life and please don't reproduce.

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