October 6, 2016

Jenn's TV Pilot Recap #2

There are a few October stragglers left to do after this blog post, but I wanted to get this one out ASAP! Not sure which new shows to watch this season? Here's my take, maybe I can save you some time.

WESTWORLD - I am not a big fan of Westerns. I wasn't really sure it could mesh well with SciFi (Cowboys & Aliens? ugh), but I really enjoyed this show. After seeing some of the "controversy" about sex and rape scenes, I finished the first episode wondering what the hell these people were complaining about. Yeah, there's a really big dick of a character in the show who is obviously doing horrific things, but 1. they didn't show it and 2. it's one of the main plots driving the entire series by the way they set everything up. The cast is fantastic. The characters are interesting. The mystery is engaging. I have a major theory already, but I won't spoil anything, promise! Unless you really want to know HIGHLIGHT WITH MOUSE  > Bernard is a Robot <

AFTERMATH - I caught this one by accident over the weekend. I watch a few shows on SyFy, not as many as I want, because half of them are just OK. This one has potential and gives an interesting take on the apocalypse. The show focuses on a family dealing with some strange weather and whacked out people spreading around the planet. The pilot moved fast and kept my attention, so I'll probably check out episode two just to see if it holds up.

CONVICTION - I am so sad that they canceled Agent Carter to put Hayley Atwell in this piece of garbage. Ugh. There were like four cliches in the first half hour. 1. Someone's standing behind you when you say something horrible. 2. Looking at self in mirror when you do something horrible and realize you hit rock bottom. 3. The two leads have history, of course, and will they or won't they easily follows. 4. One character blackmails another character hoping they will turn good. Meh. Everything charming and funny and awesome about Hayley is lost on this mean, bitter, and quite frankly annoying character of Hayes Morrison. Sorry, not watching more of this one. :-(

LUKE CAGE - Granted I already watched the whole season, but I do remember the pilot being very unique in that it opened with a bunch of guys sitting around talking. A nice change from the usual - drop you in the middle of the action - openers of most shows. The cast, writing, music, and message in this show was amazingly done. I can't wait for the next season!

TIMELESS - I'm a bit conflicted about this show. On one hand, it's time travel, which I love. On the other, it's full of lazy writing. Example 1: We're not really going to explain our Time Travel rules because we're probably going to break them in the future. 2. We can't tell where our ship is, but we know when it is. Really? My phone has GPS for crying out loud. 3. Really bad foreshadowing: "Make the future yours, sis". *vomit* I mean, come on! 4. There really should be no reason for the bad guy to come back to the present until he's done with whatever he's doing but he does. Um, why? This is just so the characters can come back to the present each week to see what changed and to keep the formula procedural intact. *boring*. 5. Stupid Time Travel clues. "You didn't write it yet" talking about the Diary. Meh. I have a theory as to who the "bad guy" Flynn is. HIGHLIGHT WITH MOUSE > He's Lucy and Wyatt's son <

NO TOMORROW - This show starts off with a meet cute, and man, let me tell you, I loved Joshua Sasse as Galavant, but I'm already in love with him as Xavier. His eyes are so dreamy I would probably do anything he said. Anyway, he's a "doomsday bucketlister" he thinks the world is ending in 8 months and he's doing whatever the hell he wants. He meets Evie a bit of a control freak, straight arrow who is stuck in a rutt. Together, they're going to do something from each of their apocalist each week and obviously fall in love. But, is the world really ending? This is the first of the new CW shows I've watched and I love it! Keeper for me.

How about you?

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