February 2, 2017

Special Guest Angie Taylor (@ataylor2and2)!

Today's Special Guest is YA SciFi Author Angie Taylor! Enjoy and Comment!!

Seventeen year old Ava Tanner doesn’t want to move to a new state and high school for her senior year. But when her dad gets a new job in Las Cruces, New Mexico, she doesn’t have a choice.
She barely has time to take in her new surroundings before she’s swept up in the confusion of hearing voices in her head, dreaming visions, and uncovering the truth behind alien abductions of young women just like her. To make her more confused, she learns that the only way she’ll uncover the mysteries surrounding her, is to join a family history club at her school called FH.

Grant Jackson, a member of FH and a time traveler from the future, has the answers to Ava’s mysterious. But if Ava wants to learn the truth, she’ll have to help Grant and his siblings discover who their parents are.

Together Grant and Ava begin a mysterious journey of love and risk that extend beyond their past and present and possibly into a future that transcends time.


"What do you want from me?" My yell echoed around the room.

They stared back silently, the intensity of their gazes increasing, resulting in a pounding in my skull, searing my brain. Voices repeated over and over again in my head, "Time's running out. We need your help! Time's running out. We need your help!"

With each renewed chant my headache increased. I grasped my head on both sides, trying to make the pain stop, shaking back and forth. I heard a wailing from far away and realized it came from me.

The voices in my head became stronger and louder. I looked imploringly at Grant and the others to make the pain go away, but it didn't.

The room began to spin and I slipped on the shards of glass at my feet. A piercing pain sliced through my shin as my knees hit the floor. But the pain in my head tightened and clutched at me even more.

I fell to my side and a black fog formed at the corners of my eyes, creeping closer and closer until all I could see was darkness. I reached towards it and it met me somewhere in the middle, pulling me under.


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