February 14, 2017

#Valentines Teaser Tuesday with @CynthiaSax!

Happy Valentine's Everyone! <3 Hope you have a great one. I've got a treat for your today. USA Today Bestselling author Cynthia Sax is here to share her latest release with you. HOT doesn't even cover it!

Enjoy & Comment! 

One Book Leads To Another

I suspect my buddy, Jenn, has this same issue. I write a story. A minor character appears in it. And I need to write his or her story.

I’m currently 7 stories into the cyborg series. Hers To Command, my February release, will be story #8. I’m writing Ghost’s story, story #9 right now (to be released in May).

Most of these stories are standalones. Releasing Rage, the first story, is currently free if you want to test drive the series before you invest in it.

How many more cyborgs stories will I write? I have at least 2 more stories planned but I’m open to ideas from readers about cyborgs they’d like to see paired with a female. (I’m guessing that list might grow after Hers To Command releases. There are a couple very interesting cyborgs introduced in this story.)

I suspect most writers welcome that kind of input.

Whose story would you like to see (either from me or from Jenn)?

Hers To Command

Three Battered Hearts. One Perfect Love

Ace and Thrasher share a special bond. They’ve never acknowledged that connection and have never fully acted on it. The Humanoid Alliance kill cyborg males like them, deeming the warriors to be defective. Now that Ace and Thrasher have escaped, they don’t trust the cyborg council and their brethren to react any differently. Physical love is too risky for them to consider.

Until they meet her.

Carys is the Commander of a Rebel Battle Station. She has dedicated her lifespan to seeking vengeance against the Humanoid Alliance and the cyborgs who killed her daughter. On her battle station, she makes the rules, and if she wants to kiss, touch, and pleasure two mysterious warriors, she will. Nothing, not even enemy warships and a mass cyborg rebellion, can stop her.

In the midst of a war, enemies can become lovers and loyalties can change in a moment. Can a forbidden relationship between two cautious cyborgs and one unbending human Commander survive?

Hers To Command is Book 8 in the Cyborg Sizzle series.

Due to the number of returning characters in this story, you’ll enjoy Hers To Command more if you’ve read the other stories first.

This is a MMF BBW Cyborg SciFi Romance.

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