February 20, 2017

When someone has your name - Internet edition.

Being born Jennifer in 1974 sucks. Probably for most of the Jennifers born in the 70s.

To be "different" from the dozens of Jennifer's I knew in school, I became Jenn in 10th grade. Science class if I remember correctly because there were four of us in the class and it annoyed the FUCK out of me.

So when I started writing and searched Jenn Nixon, no one came up. NO ONE.

Then some fertility chick hijacked my google slots.

But that was okay, I guess. Then guess what?

Another Jenn Nixon pops up and it really sucks because THAT'S NOT ME and she's taken over my google images. UGH.

Doesn't matter that I've spent the last 10+ years building a social media presence, nope. Just have the same name as someone else and boom, you're at the top of Google.

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