March 4, 2017

#MIND: The Message (Bk4) ON SALE NOW! #SFR #PNR

While I was writing book three, MIND: The Reckoning, I wasn't sure exactly where it was going to end or how and I honestly didn't know if there was more to tell. Then I realized how much I enjoyed writing about Theo and knew he needed his own story.

MIND: The Message is part mystery, scifi, and romance. Mystery novels were my first love and I always try to incorporate unanswered questions into all my stories. They always keep the plot moving forward which is a tough task in any novel.

Pleasantly surprised at how easily this book came out of me, gave me a bit of pause, to be honest, but with three books in this series already done, most of the characters were so well established that they helped the plot move along even more.
.99¢  MIND: The Beginning
MIND: The Emergence
Book 3 MIND: The Reckoning
New Release MIND: The Message

I hope you fall in love with Theo and Casey as much as I did. They are amazing together!!


“We know,” Liam said.

“Nice try though,” Duncan added.

“Did you think we’d let it slide?” Dina put a hand on her hip.

Heat crawled up Theo’s cheeks. Unsure which secret they uncovered, since he still had many, he kept his face blank and raised an eyebrow to his former subordinate.

“You didn’t think I’d ever find out, but I did. Happy Birthday, bro,” Duncan said, as the others chimed in. He grinned and moved in for a hug. “Aime searched your record from Rivia’s ship, didn’t even need to hack the DHHS.”

Theo hugged his friend and sighed with a twinge of relief.

“So, what are you like a hundred and fifty now?” Dina quipped.

“Maybe,” Theo said, breaking out of the hug.

Liam patted him on the shoulder, probably aware of his discomfort at the question, and held up eight VIP tickets to Rummers, the hottest nightclub in New York City.

Theo shook his head.

Liam nodded.

Dina grinned.

“Dancing?” Theo grumbled.

“And drinking,” Duncan said. “Pretty ladies for you, because you really need to get a life, man.”

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