May 26, 2017

Jenn's TV Recap #2

As I'm doing these recaps, I'm realizing how much TV I've actually given up this past year. Go me! I have been writing more and since there are SO many shows out, I'm able to be more picky than normal.

Let's get to it, huh?

Hmm, where to start?


That's your only warning.

Favorite Character(s) - The boys, as always and Cass.
What I Remember Most - I really hated the British Men of Letters the moment they arrived. I kinda liked Ketch, thought he'd be like Bates from the MIND books, then NOPE NO NO! OMG NO he's not like Bates at all. Really glad he got what was coming to him from the right person. Crowley! NO!!!!!!!!!!
Will I Keep Watching? Forever.

Favorite Character(s) - Huck and Olivia
What I Remember Most - I loved the fact that there was someone out there who could scare the shit out of Papa Pope. And just when you thought Scandal that the craziest DC politics...nope. Now it's reality.
Will I Keep Watching? - One more season! I'm really excited to see where it goes and how it will end.

Big Ban Theory
Favorite Character(s) - Sheldon and all the ladies.
What I Remember Most - Trying to think back on this season and I'm not remember anything other than the finale, which was amazing. The season overall was better than last year. I think it's because Sheldon actually grew as a character this time.
Will I Keep Watching? Yep.

Once Upon A Time
Favorite Character(s) - Hook and Regina. This usually changes from season to season.
What I Remember Most - The musical episode was hilarious.
Will I Keep Watching? Not sure, I'll probably check out an episode of the new season.

Favorite Character(s) - Kara, J'onn and Winn
What I Remember Most - How icky I felt watching J'onn and M'gann hooking up. NO, just NO!
Will I Keep Watching? - Yes, I love this show.

Favorite Character(s) - Ralph
What I Remember Most - I enjoyed the side stories most this season. Sly running for office. Cabe and his girlfriend. Happy and Doc's relationship. All very awesome.
Will I Keep Watching? - Totally!

Favorite Character(s) - Jane and Patterson
What I Remember Most - That finale was pretty trippy. I liked learning more about Shepherd but man, is she a crazy fucked up character or what? Roman was a great addition to the team and I thought they handled the Reed situation very well.
Will I Keep Watching? - Yep, it's still a lot of fun.

Favorite Character(s) - Red, Mr. Kaplan, Dembe, Aram.
What I Remember Most - The Young Mr. Kaplan episode. Man, that was a great hour of TV. I wish they would have made THAT spin-off instead of the one with Tom.
Will I Keep Watching? - Probably, I really love James Spader.

Favorite Character(s) - Oliver, Lance, and Diggle
What I Remember Most - The Big Bad was pretty awesome. He was batshit crazy and really put the team through hell.
Will I Keep Watching? - Yup!

The Flash
Favorite Character(s) - Barry and Joe
What I Remember Most - Yay, Joe has a love interest! Killer Frost was pretty cool, pun intended. I love Cisco, too, so glad he got a girl, sorta. Evil Barry was amazing. I think they really missed the mark on that. I would have loved to see more of him and less of Savitar.
Will I Keep Watching? - Of course

The 100
Favorite Character(s) - Octavia, Indra, Bellamy.
What I Remember Most - I wasn't sure how much I'd like this season without Lincoln. While I miss his character, I think the show is still as good without him. (PS he's AMAZING on American Gods go watch it) I may binge watch this season again because it had a faster pace than last season and I think this show should be binged to get the full impact of the story.
Will I Keep Watching? - We will meet again.

Shows I stopped watching for various reasons: Empire, Criminal Minds, Designated Survivor, Frequency, Elementary.

What was your favorite show this season?

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