November 5, 2017

$75 in PRIZES!! Novembers News & Sales!

You read that right, there's $75 in PRIZES in this month's newsletter!
I've been busy these past few months writing and editing and the hard work has paid off for sure. I have two new releases in the next four months! MIND: The Fracture will be out 12/19 and That News Guy, my Contemporary Romance releases on 2/6/18! I have a new $25 GC Reader Giveaway as well as a $10 GC Giveaway EXCLUSIVELY for my readers and friends! Extra entry points if you leave a review. Check below for details!

The pup with the big ears is my writing buddy, isn't she the cutest? She's all over my 
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$10 Amazon Giftcard & Two (2) Ebooks from me!

So, what else is new?

Have you seen Stranger Things 2 yet?! Wow, so good. I think I liked it better than the first season. I haven't picked up many new shows this year because I want to focus more on writing, but I do love The Orville and Inhumans, no matter what the TV People say! 
I love talking pop culture, TV, Movies, Books with my friends and readers so if you're ever online, feel free strike up a conversation.I can pretty much talk about anything, especially writing as I guess most authors tend to do, huh?
GIVEAWAY #2! Me and a few author friends want to say THANK YOU to our readers and supporters with a new $25 Amazon Giftcard Giveaway!
Back Cover Blurb!
That News Guy is one of those books that just poured out of me. It's a straight-up romance, no suspense, no spaceships, no subplots. I was surprised how much fun it was to write. I may have another one in me soon, but my head is back in SciFi Land again but I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do! Here's the back cover blurb, what do you think? 

Taking a chance and making a change after his divorce, Trapper Del rio signed up for personal training services to get in better shape for his embedded reporting gig with the Army. TFA Fitness Center is known for their discretion, having trained the famous and infamous alike over the years, so Trapper isn’t expecting to run into many ‘fans’. When he meets the adorable curvy woman working at the Smoothie Bar, who blushes every time their eyes meet, Trapper turns on the charm to see where the explosive chemistry may lead.

After making a fool of herself the moment Trapper came up to her bar, Jessica Buckley didn’t believe the hot Latino reporter actually asked her out on a date. With a little prodding from her friends, Jessica risks dating Trapper, only to find him even more interesting off-camera than the man she’s been fangirling over for the last year. As the relationship heats up, Jessica carefully navigates the intense feelings building between them, unsure she’s ready to give Trapper her heart, aware he’s going overseas in a few short months.
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Reviewers Wanted!
I can't wait for December to get here! MIND: The Fracture started out as a simple story to wrap up events in Book 5, MIND: The Vision. Little did I know how much of Caelum's story would tie into the whole series. While I was re-reading the series, I noticed these little bits and pieces of information characters had dropped throughout the books. Wow, was I shocked to see how it all fit together. I wish I could claim full responsibility, but characters DO take on a life of their own and sometimes us author people are just along for the ride. There's a special extra nod to all the readers in this book and I'm sure you'll love it just as much as I do! Check back next month for the cover reveal and exclusive excerpt and MORE GIVEAWAYS!!

See you around the net!
Sales & Freebies!
Dive into this exciting new paranormal series for fans who love the romance of Twilight, the quick wit of The Gilmore Girls and the dark humor of Supernatural

You'll never miss the sunlight until it's gone.

Start at the BEGINNING before MIND: The Fracture releases in December!
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**Book 2 in the standalone Beach Pointe series**

Deputy Jesse Maddox's reputation in Beach Pointe is...less than stellar. He thought following in the footsteps of his late father, a former cop, would make up for it. Not quite. Every time he closes his eyes, his past is there to haunt him.

Leigh Meriwether has sworn off men, and for good reason. Not to mention, she's so close to earning her counselor's license, she can taste it. But when Deputy Maddox walks in, she
second guesses her career choice. What's worse? Falling for her own client.
“You’re very eager.”
“I just know what I want,” Mary said. She leaned toward him, her hand wrapped around his manhood.
“What’s that?”
“I want you.”
I was off the drugs. I was fixing my life.
Then he walked back in and threatened to ruin everything.
He was my favorite rock star... and the father of my baby boy.
Now he wants another date, another chance, and I don't know if I have the strength to say no...
Liva Kasun is a Nightwraith.

A witch on her father's side, a demon on her mother's. Only she wants absolutely nothing to do with the darkness of her heritage. Devoted to beauty and light, she uses her material empath skills to aid people in need.

But when a Fae walks into her antique shop, Liva's idyllic life shatters. Because not only is Cian a member of a demon-hunting race.

The Fae is as sexy as he is lethal.

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