November 13, 2017

Why so much hate for #Inhumans? I enjoyed it! OMG #BlackBolt All Hail @ansonmount!

The TV Powers That Be seem to be listening to us 'fans' a little more now that social media is everywhere. Unfortunately, this also means we're going to probably see even more weird reboots coming down the pipe very soon. Rosanne? Really? Whatever. *Insert eyeroll here*

This isn't a blog about reboots, rather Superhero fatigue.

I don't have it, but I think others do.

The 'critics' who always have more pull than we do for some odd reason hated the first two episodes of Inhumans SO much that people were shredding it to pieces before most of us normal people had a chance to form an opinion. Believe it or not, this does change the way many viewers watch things. If they go in thinking it's going to suck, they're going to find reasons for it to suck. I try not to do this when consuming fictional entertainment.

The moment they announce Inhumans as a TV show instead of a movie I was kinda happy. The little reading I did on the Inhumans (Background for watching Agents of SHIELD) I found the Royal Family to be very interesting.

Okay, I'll give you points, the first two episodes weren't the greatest. But show me the perfect pilot and I'll give you a million dollars.

Most TV shows need at least three or four episode to really get their footing. TV isn't like the movies. Movie writers pick up on one or two main characteristics for their characters to build off because you're writing a two-hour movie. TV characters need to be more complex to keep people interested in them over the course of 6 or even 22 episodes. Episode three and four got better and by the time the last two got here, I was already craving more.

Ramsey Inhuman was an odd villain, but he really is a fun actor to watch when he loses his shit, so he kept me entertained. Crystal annoyed me until she reunited with her family. Karnak's side story was kinda dumb and I skipped most of it, but he and Gorgon are fun together. Lockjaw, so cute! I don't even care that the CGI was subpar. I didn't care that they had to cut off Medusa's hair to save the CGI budget. Her reunion with Black Bolt when he touches her head, knowing how violated she was, broke my heart. And finally...Black Bolt. What a great character! I have my own mute character so I know how hard it can be to write one. More more more of this guy please!

Triton was the one character missing in the beginning that would have made this show that much better. They missed the mark on that one, however, it served the story and created a tense and fun climatic ending.

Considering this was a show about a FAMILY, I didn't mind that there wasn't a big huge throw down at the end. Most real families don't blow each other up or imprison each other, they deal with shit but talking. TALKING! I know what a concept right?

They set up the ending in a way that I felt all right if they don't come back for a season two, but would be really excited if they do because this whole season felt like an "Origin Story" for the whole family.

Either way, they're on Earth. Some of these characters need to cross over to Agents of SHIELD. Otherwise, I think I may be broken hearted again.

How about you? Did you watch? What did you think?

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