November 29, 2017

The #SuperCrossover was Super Awesome! #CrisisonEarthX

Okay, some of the CGI wasn't the best and there were a few shaky cam moments, but HOLY CRAP was that the best crossover ever?

Oh, I remember way, way, way back when other shows did crossovers, but none of them were four superhero shows. Wow.


I'll be watching this again this weekend in one sitting, that's how much I enjoyed this Crossover. It was probably the best DC live action movie since Dark Knight (IMHO), even if it doesn't count as a movie. It was.

The moment Alex decided to go with Kara to the wedding, my first thought went to Sara. I'm so glad they did that little side plot, it was great for both of those characters to have a little growth in their stories.

I should have known by all the attention they gave to Grey and Jax that something bad was going to happen. I LOVE YOU, VICTOR! So sad to see him go, but what a great role for him to play.

Dark Arrow was all kinds of awesome wrapped up in black and Overgirl eventually grew on me, she seemed a little weird in the first part.

FAVORITE SNART EVER! I love Wentworth. Didn't really like Captain Cold in The Flash, started to like him a bit on Legends, then just when I really started to like him they killed him. Out of all his iterations, this was my favorite. Please stay and bring The Ray back too!

I'm glad most of the "side" characters got some good lines and screen time and man both of those hero walks, in the lab and under the bridge, was the pay off I've been waiting for. So good.

I don't know about you, but I loved every single minute of the crossover and I can't wait to watch it again this weekend.


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